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ZSMJ is at WCG in person, and 178’s reporters got an interview with in and asked about his forming of a new team, let us see what he has to say.

178: Thank you for accepting our interview ZSMJ. Long time now see, want to say hello to everyone?

ZSMJ: Hello everyone, I am ZSMJ. Very happy that I could be at the WCG Finals here.

178: You’ve been retired for a fair amount of time, can you reveal anything about your life after retirement, have you gotten used to a Dota-less lifestyle?

ZSMJ: For the past bit of time I’ve had a steady job, so I’ve been passing my days as an ordinary person. No matter if my choice is to play professionally or to retire, the choices are my own, so I can get used to it all.

178: Lately, rumors of your return to the Dota scene have attracted widespread attention, have you decided to come back?

ZSMJ: Yes. Here I can give everyone a definite answer, and my new team is under construction right now.

178: What were the reasons behind deciding to come back? Is it because in your heart you could never let Dota go, or Dota2’s massive prize pool competitions?

ZSMJ: Actually it’s none of those. It can only be said to be an alignment of the stars, a well-timed return of a friend, who successfully talked me into it, which ultimately allowed me to decide to return.

178: Can you reveal anything about the process of forming your new team?

ZSMJ: The final 5 man roster hasn’t been confirmed yet, because in the current scene it’s still quite hard to find suitable people. Personally speaking, once the team is formed, then the only goal is to strive for championships, nothing else.

178: How much experience have you had with Dota2, have you already gotten used to it?

ZSMJ: Started playing it about a month ago, getting used to it requires a process, and I firmly believe that as long as I continue practicing, I will for sure become good at this game.

178: Previously there have been vods of your Dota2 play, and there were comments saying that your ability had declined, do you feel the same way?

ZSMJ: I don’t feel so. Perhaps expectations for me are too high, resulting in a gap between that and reality. But really, this is a process for me to get back into it, plus Dota2 for me is starting from scratch, added to the time that I had been retired, so of course there will be a period of time I need to find my form. I believe in myself, and I ask everyone to also believe in me.

178: How much time do you spend now on Dota2?

ZSMJ: Apart from eating and sleeping, all I do is play Dota2. I am a very focused person, if I decide to go do something, it can be the only thing I ever spend my time on.

178: In matchmaking have you bumped up against other professional players? What is your win rate like against them?

ZSMJ: We all win some, lose some I think. Because you still have to look at my pub teammates’ performances. Players like those from iG, DK, LGD have all had more time with Dota2, so they’re certainly more experienced with the game than I am. What I can do now is to simply take every match seriously, get used to Dota2 more quickly, I believe hard work will pay off.

178: In the past you had released a few Dota first person commentary vods, have you had thoughts of becoming a commentator?

ZSMJ: I can say with certainty, no. My first person vods are completely done out of my own interest, to thank everyone for supporting me. But now I’ve decided to come back, so my focus is entirely on practicing, so in the future I probably won’t be updating any vods.

178: Okay, thank you 马甲哥 (Majiage, his Steam name for quite a while, means ‘vest dude’ literally, but also means ‘sockpuppet bro’  — thanks reddit user Rice_22). At the last, say a few words for all your fans.

ZSMJ: Thank you to everyone for still remembering me and wondering about me. This year of ordinary life has allowed me to learn a lot. No matter what, the most important thing is following your interests, and you must have passion for it. I will not let your hopes down. Once my new team is confirmed, I hope that you will support us all too.

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