This video has ChuaN and Dendi, at WCG

Unable to play in WCG, ChuaN is hanging out. Here he’s been recruited as an emergency translator as GTV’s Xiaoyou attempts to interview Dendi! I make no judgment of the interviewer. lol. Dendi shows off his limited Chinese skills, all in all good fun.

Rough transcript below (actually not that rough).

Rough transcript (including the obvious English parts for completeness):

0:18 Xiaoyou: Here we are fortunate enough to get an interview with NaVi’s Dendi, representing the Ukrainian team in Dota2 at WCG, a player that everyone loves. First off let’s have him say hi to everyone!

0:33 Dendi: Hello, I am Danil Ishutin, I play for NaVi, at this WCG I play for Ukraine.

0:42 Xiaoyou: Oh, I forgot to mention, this here we have ChuaN who is serving as our special translator, give him a shot. Okay, good, thank you to him for the hard work.

0:49 Xiaoyou: *laughs* Really, the two of them have a great relationship, we can all see this. Anyway, we’d like to ask Dendi, how many times have you visited China?

0:55 Dendi: Twice before, yeah…

1:02 Xiaoyou: Then can you speak any Chinese?

1:04 Dendi: Yeah of course — Nihao (means hello), wo ai ni (means I love you)… … …

1:09 Xiaoyou: *laughs* Well, thank you! I’m so touched that I’ve knocked this thing of my mic…

1:14 Xiaoyou: So he’s said everything I want to hear, and now I’m blushing >.<

1:20 Xiaoyou: Now that this is your third time here, can you tell us your impression of China?

1:22 Dendi: Mmm, it’s pretty good. Only been here one day so far this time.

1:34 Xiaoyou: Then… you like China?

1:40 Dendi: Yeah! Of course! *nods*

1:44 Xiaoyou: *laughs* I really want him to say a bit more! Then let’s ask him his impression of the girls here in China.

1:54 Dendi: China girls are very cute.

2:00 Xiaoyou: Ohh, yes, I see. *embarrassed* When he said that he glanced at me!! Nah, just kidding.

2:04 Xiaoyou: Okay, let’s ask some real questions. You’re here for the Dota2 competition, representing Ukraine. Then, were there any special preparations before coming here to compete?

2:16 Dendi: *ooooh points at ChuaN accusingly (he thought ChuaN mistranslated on purpose to ‘steal’ practice secrets, joke of course)* Well, we have some strategies in mind but we didn’t practice at all.

2:30 Xiaoyou: Ah. So when he pointed at you just now, it was because you are iG and he was accusing you of trying to sabotage them?

2:36 ChuaN: Yeah.

2:36 Xiaoyou: Ohh. We can see that Dendi is indeed very smart. Okay then, now I want to ask a bit about iG. At TI2 in Seattle you guys ended up losing to iG to take 2nd place, did you do any extra analysis of iG afterwards?

2:53 Dendi: We tried to realize what went wrong, and so on, yeah.

3:03 Xiaoyou: At this competition, who do you think is your biggest threat?

3:08 Dendi: ChuaN is my bodyguard! Eh, DK, Orange, and iG… but without ChuaN, iG’s chances are … *shrugs laughingly*

3:22 Xiaoyou: Indeed. So without ChuaN iG is not threat to them, is that what he means?

3:34 Dendi: No I’m joking, iG is strong of course…

3:38 Xiaoyou: Okay, at last, because there are many many fans that really love Dendi, we hope that Dendi can say some words to all those fans of his.

3:47 Dendi: … I love you too! *smiles*

3:51 Xiaoyou: Oh… is that all? I want him to say more, because this competition is an important one, how about he says some stuff to add oil for his own team here?

3:59 Dendi: Yeah, we understand that it is big, and we will try our best. *shrugs*

4:13 Xiaoyou: And we also hope that he will achieve his results, and not let all us fans down!

4:20 Dendi: Yeah, thank you.

4:25 Xiaoyou: Okay then. We hope everyone plays well. This was an on-site report brought to you by GTV.

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