iG vs DK shouting match at WCG… ChuaN cameo

Original: http://17173.tv.sohu.com/v/1/11681/138/MTM4MzQwMw==

In this short video, a rare direct glimpse into the sight and sounds of top teams as they compete, we see iG and DK playing at WCG 2012… then they get into a shouting match of sorts. They’re shouting commands to their respective teammates at first, then their shouts become more targeted towards what the other team is shouting. And then in the last bit, ChuaN, who is not playing for iG at WCG, gives his voice in support of iG. All in a sort of joking manner from both sides, but very intense still, and it shows the rivalry. I think I lost 3 pounds just from watching that.

One thought on “iG vs DK shouting match at WCG… ChuaN cameo

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