Dotaland weekly recap: Dec 12 — Dec 18, 2012

TongFu’s courier attracted a lot of chatter this week. Dota2 beta in China rumored to be coming next month, with full release along with full localization for China coming later in 2013. BurNIng immortalized in WC3 Dota, and last but definitely not least worthy of attention, the reflections of a G-1 admin on 2012’s first Chinese Dota2 competition.

Dec 12

TongFu team courier approaching

It’s a turtle! With a TongFu sponsor product on its back!

Dec 13

Full speech localization for Dota2 in China

Including over 80 lines from Kunkka to Tidehunter to be voiced over for Chinese fans to enjoy, too

Dec 14

Reflections of a G-1 League admin on the offline finals

From set up,  to event atmosphere, and ending thank yous… an inside look at the G-1 2012 offline finals for Dota2

Dec 16

Dota2 at Digichina Expo with Perfect World, beta to come in January?

And rumors of official public release in China in quarter 3, 2013?

Dec 18

BurNIng immortalized in Dota1 Anti-mage

Reportedly a 1 in 7 chance for Anti-mage to spawn with the name ‘BurNIng’ in WC3 Dota

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