Dota 2 getting full localization in China — including voice work

This should come as no surprise, Dota2 is getting the full treatment for arguably its most important market.


Not long ago there were rumors suggesting that Perfect World would begin a limited private beta for Chinese Dota2 servers in December, and now some attentive fans have found that Perfect World has also begun work on complete Chinese voiceovers for hero lines in game.

Tweets sent from the account of a Chinese comedian/comic, Sun Zhongqiu, who is doing voice work for Kunkka at Perfect World’s studios

The specific tweets read:

To be able to do voice for Dota2’s Kunkka is an incomparable delight! He is my favorite character in Dota, he’s fierce, arrogant. Now his voice work is done by me! Of course it should be…

reply to fan: over 300 lines! Although it seems like he’s got a rivalry going on with Tidehunter in Dota2, over 80 lines specifically aimed at insulting him

reply to fan: there’s pretty much a joke interaction line with every other hero




2 thoughts on “Dota 2 getting full localization in China — including voice work

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