squad coming? Old pro ZhaoYun talks this, his return to Dota, LoL being low skill, and more…


Famed overseas Chinese Dota player ZhaoYun has in recent days been rumored to be considering a return to competitive Dota/Dota2, in addition to returning to China to help build a mysterious new team. Sgamer’s Dota reporter XiaoShou managed to contact him for an interview, and in the interview he revealed that he was indeed making preparations to return to the scene, and had nothing but praise for the recent TI2 in Seattle. And Chinese teams’ performances in TI2, as well as Dota2’s outstanding production quality are the factors that led to his decision. Lastly, he suggested that it was a possibility for him to join TongFu, and help them build a new international squad for competitions in 2013. Let us take a look at the details~

SGamer (SG): Thank you ZhaoYun for accepting this interview with First off, say hello to all the Dota fans out there?

ZhaoYun (ZY): Hello everyone, I am ZhaoYun, it’s been quite a while.

SG: Remember that last time we interviewed you, you said you hoped to go back to China to play professionally, but then how come we never heard from you again after that?

ZY: I married the person I loved in my heart, and so I left Dota for a long time.

SG: At the time everyone thought you would go and join Chisbug and LongDD’s team, and thus create the ultimate combo of ZhaoYun and Zilong (heroes in Chinese lore).

ZY: Yeah, at the time it was something I also really anticipated, but that period of time I was way too busy, and then after half a year it seemed like I had lost a lot of passion for Dota.

SG: Can you tell everyone a bit about your recent situation?

ZY: Yep, recently I’ve just been working, when I have a bit of time I go play some Texas Hold’em at the casino, watch some sports, and in spare time play some Dota2 (Dotabuff profile).

SG: What do you see in the future for the development of Dota and Dota2?

ZY: Seems like most players have gotten used to Dota2, I feel that Dota2 has already replaced Dota, and honestly speaking I think Dota2 has been done excellently.

SG: At this year’s TI2, what are your views on Chinese teams’ performances?

ZY: At the time, I hadn’t played much Dota in quite a bit, it’s only been the past few months that I’ve gotten back into playing. But I watched TI2, practically every important match I watched, and Chinese teams performed exceptionally; for Chinese teams their biggest feature is that they are steady.

SG: Do you feel that currently there still exists a big gap between Chinese and Western teams, especially North American Dota?

ZY: This is something that I think everyone is very clear on, TI2’s results say everything.

SG: What do you think has allowed LoL to spread so widely, have you played this game before?

ZY: I’ve watched some friends play it, I think the graphics are too flashy, feels like it’s more geared towards female players. And it seems like its tempo is a bit slower than Dota. I don’t really like LoL, it looks like a low skill game.

SG: Heard that you created a new team lately, can you introduce the team and its players for us?

ZY: Yeah, they’re all former teammates and friends. March, Mystyle, Swissbeatz, and Zaku I’m sure everyone still remembers. And then there is Solara, who should be known by some people in North America. Unfortunately March graduated, and is about to head back to South Korea, so in the future we won’t have many chances to play together anymore. Here I also want to wish this good friend of mine smooth sailing in life from here on!

SG: What are your upcoming plans?

ZY: First try and participate in lots of competitions, practice with the team and build understanding. At the same time, look for new sponsors. There has been contact with some teams back in China, and there’s a possibility that we will take the form of an international squad for a certain team and represent them in competitions that way.

SG: Which club, can you reveal?

ZY: TongFu.

SG: Okay, we hope that ZhaoYun’s return to professional Dota can bring us new things, any last words for our fans?

ZY: Diaoyu Islands are China’s (Dotaland note: aka the Senkaku Islands)!




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