G-League interview with xiao8 after LGD vs ForLove

Original: http://gleague.gamefy.cn/view_27998.html

Dotaland note: Short interview. Xiao8 talks about their win over ForLove, and makes a prediction for their upcoming match against DK.

Gamefy: First off, congratulations to LGD for winning this match. Director-8 go ahead and say hi to our viewers.

xiao8: Hello everyone, I am LGD’s xiao8, Ning Zhang (张宁)

Gamefy: In your first match the day before yesterday, LGD.cn lost to LGD.int, which could be described as falling into a hole in terms of your advancement from the group. Then your first game in your match against ForLove, you also lost. What were your emotions like immediately at that time?

xiao8: Personally I felt quite conflicted and anxious inside, but each of us managed to make the needed adjustments for ourselves, and played better in the following games. Our discussion and the changes we made after the first game were quite positive.

Gamefy: After the first game, your entire team went out for a brief team discussion, what did you guys talk about?

xiao8: First summarized the causes for our loss in game one, including individual mistakes. And then we talked a bit about our bans and picks for the next game.

Gamefy: Opening the second game,  your team’s early game also didn’t go very smoothly. What were the adjustments you made in game to break out of this disadvantage?

xiao8: Actually, in terms of laning we had the advantage in all three lanes, the only thing we were behind in was kills. Their roster leaned towards teamfighting, while ours was more focused on later game. In mid-game after we had an item advantage, we grouped up for teamfights, and gradually leveraged that advantage to get more ahead.

Gamefy: In the third game, ForLove last-picked Lich. As their opponents at the time, can you analyze for us why they made this pick?

xiao8: Because they felt that with me on Enigma, once I got BKB for my ult, they wouldn’t have much to deal with that. Picking Lich allows them to eat and deny creeps during laning, but the biggest thing was that Lich can interrupt Enigma’s ult.

Gamefy: Some fans and forumgoers have expressed worry over your bans and picks, what is your view?

xiao8: Every roster has its own strengths, so as long as one is able to execute to those strengths, it is possible to achieve good results! The only thing is seeing what kind of roster fits which team.

Gamefy: Even though you won this match, it feels like you’re still at the edge of a cliff. You’re set to face DK in a few days, how will you approach that?

xiao8: I think it’s a 50/50 matchup. We will analyze their playing style and try to devise a strategy for beating them.

Gamefy: Thank you xiao8 for the interview.



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