Interview with DK.Super after DK’s G-League win over


Dotaland note: Super talks about their win over, the Beastmaster axe courier kill, etc. Small interview.

Q: After winning against, it can be said that everyone is back to the same starting point in group A. Yet, DK’s performance still had everyone anxious. Talk a bit about the loss in your first game against

Super: I feel like our roster had been countered by theirs, plus we didn’t manage their strengths and tactics well, and let their Chen really shine, especially in his ganking of two lanes early on. We pretty much didn’t win any teamfights in the beginning.

Q: After losing the first game, what changes did you guys make?

Super: We summarized the reasons behind our loss, and made big changes to our bans and picks in the next game, which allowed us to successfully take it.

Q: In the second game, you used Beastmaster’s axes and killed the other side’s courier. Viewers expressed surprise at this; what did you think of it at the time?

Super: When my axes killed the courier, I knew that I had achieved a significant advantage in my lane. Also, this has happened in our training many times before (laughs).

Q: So Beastmaster’s axes being able to kill the courier was something that you learned from training?

Super: Indeed, so I was able to use this in a real game.

Q: Next match is a life or death fight for you guys, and your opponent will be What do you believe will be key points to focus on?

Super: is an extremely strong team. We both understand each other’s style, so winning will be determined by execution at the time of the match.

Q: Although DK hasn’t had the best of form lately, still many fans support you. Anything you wish to say to these fans?

Super: Hope everyone will continue supporting DK, I believe that we will still make it out of the group.



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