LGD has a super fan…

Original: http://gleague.gamefy.cn/view_27997.html

Dotaland note: She’s a well-known model in China, half a million followers on weibo, yadayada… If you watched the Chinese G-League stream last night, there was a brief segment there where they only described her as a ‘fan’ of Dota’. Supposedly, she’s xiao8’s girlfriend — a common belief amongst Chinese fans. Some other people claim that she also used to be ZSMJ’s girlfriend. Would explain her love for LGD seen here (specifically, LGD.cn)……



  Q: Hi Ms.Zhao, say hi to our fans at Gamefy?

Jie Zhao: Hi everyone, I am Jie Zhao (赵洁)

  Q: You said that you really like LGD, who is your favorite player in LGD then?

JZ: Actually I feel that LGD is the most handsome team I’ve ever seen in esports, and the way they get along and are close as a team is really lovely. Each of their   players if very exceptional, and are good people too. And they have impressive understandings of the game and heroes.

Q: What do you think esports is?

JZ: I feel that esports is a kind of spirit, a mentality.

Q: Anything you’d like to say to all our viewers?

JZ: Hello Gamefy viewer friends. I hope you will all support Gamefy, support G-League, support LGD. Esports is a kind of spirit, so let us together embark on our “gank lives, farm dreams!” Add oil!

And afterwards, in LGD’s next games, perhaps it was because they heard Ms.Zhao’s exhortations of support for them, and they played valiantly to eventually win 2-1 over ForLove.



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