G-League interview with LGD.int’s God

Original: http://gleague.gamefy.cn/view_28098.html

Gamefy: In the first game against TongFu, your team used a dual-core strat with Luna and Naix, what are the reasons for using this often recently?

G: These two heroes are both good in lane. At the same time, in order to counter Naix the opponent must use Ghost Scepters, and once they do that, then Luna’s ult destroys.

Gamefy: In the second game, around two minutes in, your team got a kill on the courier. At that point did you feel you had a big early advantage?

G: Yes, killing the courier early on is a huge help to your own team, plus you get a lot of gold. It caused the early game to be very easy, it was perfect.

Gamefy: 18 minutes in, Tinker died to a wave from TongFu’s KotL, what was that about?

G: Because Brax too noob, so he died to such a thing.

Gamefy: At 2-0 up against TongFu, do you have confidence in sending them home tomorrow?

G: Of course, TongFu can only lose once, whereas we have three games, so I believe we can definitely send them home.



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