G-League semi-finals interview with TongFu.Sansheng

Original: http://gleague.gamefy.cn/view_28063.html

In last night’s G-League 2012 Season 2 Dota match, TongFu defeated ForLove by a score of 2-0 to advance to the semi-finals. Afterwards, we interviewed Sansheng, who had exceptional performance in the match. He not only gave us his thoughts on the match, but also responded to some rumors floating around on forums recently…

Gamefy: First off, congratulations to TongFu for their win over ForLove to advance to the semi-finals. Can Sansheng please analyze the match for us?

TongFu.Sansheng: Earlier today we had been talking about picking rosters better suited to us. Following adjustments from yesterday, we performed better today. Additionally, our opponent made some mistakes, so we managed to get the win.

Gamefy: After the match, (commentator) Haitao gave high marks for your performance, how do you rate yourself today?

TongFu.Sansheng: My performance today was indeed better than average, yesterday we were in relatively worse form. I actually don’t use Chen much, perhaps the opponent was unprepared for him.

Gamefy: In the semi-finals you will face LGD.int, have you guys analyzed this team before?

TongFu.Sansheng: Normally they often train with us. Their style and picks are all very precise and intentional. If it’s a pushing lineup, they can pull out many unexpected heroes, and create very logical combinations. They favor going hard with a defensive trilane against another trilane on the suicide lane, because foreign teams’ ace is early pushing. Each one of them has great individual ability; LGD.int is a formidable opponent.

Gamefy: Lately there has been quite a bit of talk regarding stuff about you, what’s that all about?

TongFu.Sansheng: To be honest, that’s all fake, because there really doesn’t exist anything of that sort. Some people have just spread falsehoods upon falsehoods, the resulting being very awkward for everyone. So, if all anyone has heard is rumors, there is no point at all to believe it.

Gamefy: If TongFu can defeat LGD.int, it will be the first time TongFu makes it to a G-League finals, and many of your fans will want to see this. Anything to say to these fans?

TongFu.Sansheng: Thank you to all the fans who have continued to support us, thank you to TongFu Bowl Porridge, and i-Rocks for their support, we will do our best to provide exciting matches for everyone.



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