Dotaland weekly recap: Jan 9 — 15, 2013

Bit of a quieter week, and we expect the next few weeks to be similar too, as things begin to wind down for the annual Lunar New Year in China (and across large parts of Asia). Players and teams will be going home to spend time with family, with tournaments such as G-League to return after the holiday. Highlights of this week were a piece of fluff about BurNIng’s reactions to trying LoL out, and more news of the aforementioned G-League Finals. In addition, 2009’s face was in the papers as esports became a debate topic in the mainstream; all this and more on this past week’s Dotaland.

Jan 9

Interview with Perfect World CEO Robert Hong Xiao

Fans interested in the business side of the Valve and Perfect World partnership for Dota2 in China may find interesting things in this interview with the CEO of Perfect World.

Jan 11

Dota2 Chinese voice work in localization effort found to be lacking…

A lead member of the Dota2 Chinese localization team, HippoVic, took to public venues to express his distaste for the voice work thus far. Strong language ahead!

Jan 12

2009 in the papers as esports is challenged by outsiders

In this Shenzhen Evening Post editorial, 2009 is the center of a narrative involving a ‘battle’ between esports and traditional sports on school campuses across China.

Jan 14

BurNIng plays some LoL…

The DK weibo account shares a funny anecdote as B-God tries out that other game…

Jan 15

G-League Finals March 9, will feature celebrity and VIP appearances

Confirmed thus far with big-name rockstar Zhang Zhenyue, the G-League Finals will take place in Shanghai on March 9.


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