Dota2 localization hits a snag? HippoVic has some ‘choice’ words for Chinese voice work thus far…

Welp, ‘choice’ words indeed. In some profanity-laced posts online, HippoVic, a key member of the localization team for Dota2, long-time member of the DotA translation team before that, lashed out on his Weibo accounts earlier, after apparently spending quite a bit of time checking on the progress of Chinese voice work for the game…

Edit: HippoVic has now revealed a few examples, as seen on SGamer, and they are indeed pretty bad translations. Overly literal translations, translations that miss the point, etc. So it is with this background that he is lashing out so violently…

Roughly, from bottom to top, the posts read:

  • “Must not flame… must resist…”
  • “Lacking culture and education is one thing, but resorting to Chinese idioms, such a damn embarrassment. I beg you all to not be so fucking stupid, okay, if you must be a dumbass then fine, but keep it to yourself, don’t make me fix your dumb shit. What have I done to deserve this?”
  • “Rework then, dumb shits! This is what you get for tormenting my ears!”

He has since deleted all but one post from his Tencent Weibo, but his Sina Weibo still has them up, along with another one that says “Thank goodness there’s still me to control quality, or else you bunch of stupid fucks would’ve fucked it all up”.

Previously, we reported that Dota2 would get full localization voice work in China… judging by this arguably extreme reaction, it would seem that the first batch of localization voice work hasn’t passed the test and will need to be reworked.

It is not clear if he is unsatisfied with the quality of the voice work itself, the actual lines and translations, or both. Opinions are mixed on the issue amongst Chinese netizens, with some people glad that he has high standards and is ostensibly trying to avoid the corny voice work that plagues many Chinese games, while others are questioning whether he has a right to so publicly call out others involved in the process.



3 thoughts on “Dota2 localization hits a snag? HippoVic has some ‘choice’ words for Chinese voice work thus far…

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