LanM returns: RattleSnake Gaming established, with Kabu, Luo, and co


Dotaland note: Not to be confused with RisingStars, the other ‘RS’ new team announced this week.

Following various competitions all switching over to Dota2, and after ZSMJ announced his forming of a new team, we have another new team on the scene. Xiaoluo (aka Luo), along with former WE teammate Icy, plus Kabu and LanM of former EHOME, with a newcomer in FAN, have formed an all-new Dota team: Rattlesnake Gaming.Dota2 (tag RS.Dota2). Their sponsor is a software development company by the name of 响尾蛇 (Rattlesnake — not sure if this is Razer or some domestic Chinese company), and other squads in the club are planned as well.

RattleSnake-Gaming esports club has completed their roster recently, management includes former LEO team manager 张政 (Zhang Zheng) who is now the team lead for Rattlesnake, as well as Yin Long (ID: Intel) as Dota2 specific manager, and media liason 西瓦幽鬼 (Xiwayougui, Dota2 commentator).





3 thoughts on “LanM returns: RattleSnake Gaming established, with Kabu, Luo, and co

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