Perfect World confirms Chinese Dota2 server beta coming in March


At the Perfect World annual company party, it has been confirmed that the Chinese servers for Dota2 will debut in a limited beta fashion in March of this year.

Additionally, audio work is mostly complete, with only a small portion being in need of redoing… lastly, it was also mentioned that they are indeed making some compromises for the visual effects in order to more quickly get the game approved and ready to go live on servers.



5 thoughts on “Perfect World confirms Chinese Dota2 server beta coming in March

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  3. I’m a dota 2 gamer in china right now, I play casually with a lot of my friends although we always have to deal with being disconnected from a lot of games. If perfect world is debuting beta chinese servers right now, then what are the china servers right now? Like, what difference will it be compared to the china servers currently in the game? Also would cosmetic changes to heroes such as skeleton king apply to everyone around the world or only dota 2ers in china?

    • Cosmetic changes will only apply to China. I actually have no idea what the Chinese servers are right now and just why they’re so damn bad, but I have friends in China too that say the same thing. Most people in China play on SEA/Singapore server right now. When the official Perfect World servers come, they’ll definitely be better, but why the current Chinese servers are so bad, I dunno.

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