One fan brings Dota to Tibet…

Recently, one dedicated fan of Dota made the pilgrimmage to a center of Buddhist spiritualism, Tibet, and brought Dota 2 along with him to find blessings for the upcoming launch of Dota 2 servers in China.

He is a 20-something player of Dota. On April 12, he had posted various images from his journey, in an effort to do his part in promoting Dota 2.

From his writings on the topic, he is a believer in Buddhism, and has been playing Dota for a very long time, at various points in the past having been part of the volunteer testers for DotA and Dota 2. He’s put his life’s passion and energy into Dota, and so he has an uncomparable thirst to see Dota 2 succeed in China.

From Chengdu, to Erlang Mountain, Kangding… back and forth through the mountains he went, bringing Dota along with him.

In his travels, he found joy, and he met challenges. And at a guest house, he even came across other Dota fans. With his Dota posters in hand, he collected signatures and blessings for Dota all along the way from fellow fans and new converts alike.

You can find him on Sina Weibo as user ‘swineroc’ — his Tibet trek is still on-going.


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