Some iG and LGD player reactions to G-1, Alliance, and their own performances


xiao8: Opportunity always goes to those who prepare for it. Alliance’s performances were outstanding, so their title is well-deserved. Thank you to longDD who has stuck with us as we made our transitions, and thank you to G-1 for the chance to learn and grow, I wish all the best to G-1.

DDC: GG. We were lacking, and must continue to work hard. Chinese Dota teams must all work hard now! Alliance is truly too strong.

DD/Sc: (suggesting that Chinese teams are having trouble keeping up due to a lack of domestic competition) I hadn’t played Dota 2 in three months yet only trained for half a month and was still able to keep up with other Chinese teams, this can only mean that there is a lack of domestic events.

Yao: We still ended up losing, congrats to Alliance. We still have many weaknesses, but we did manage to rediscover ourselves in this process. We have no regrets this time, isn’t Dota all about sharing exhilirating and tearful moments with good friends? Now it’s time to give it our all, and fight our way back to Seattle!

Sylar: G-1 was excellently done, and I hope there will be another season, add oil.


Ferrari_430: Can’t fall asleep (we don’t know exactly why 430 is losing sleep, however)

YYF: We ended up doing the best that we could, let’s try harder and not leave any regrets with our next efforts. Our fate is still in our own hands.

Faith (before being eliminated from G-1): Let’s add oil brothers, I feel that our greatest enemy is not others, but ourselves! Hope that we can find ourselves tomorrow!

Faith (after): No matter how many times one falls, the most important thing is to be able to get back up! Let’s add oil together!

ChuaN (after tough losses on the first day of G-1): What happen???

ChuaN (after being eliminated): Back to the team base, didn’t expect that it would be in this manner in which we depart from the G-1 stage. I’m very thankful and very sorry to all those who’ve supported us, from our club’s staff to our fans, to those who came to the event to cheer us on live. We lost. Not much else to say. I hope LGD or DK can take the title.

Zhou (after tough losses on the first day of G-1): Recently iG has been in poor form, and I must bear a large part of the responsibility. Thank you to all the fans who continue supporting us through our poor form, we will not fall like this. Even if we have to fight back from the bottom, we will be back one step at a time!

Zhou (after being eliminated): This hurdle is one that we absolutely will overcome.


5 thoughts on “Some iG and LGD player reactions to G-1, Alliance, and their own performances

  1. Thank you very much for this as well as the other translations for the G-1 league LAN finals. I was very curious to see the reactions of the Chinese about the whole thing, you know, iG getting kicked out, LGD in top form and stuff.

    It would be awesome if you could include some translations for fans/ casters/ other iconic players’ opinions and reactions on Alliance winning G-1 as well (tried getting them myself but google translate didn’t help, sorry for shameless request :P), I’m sure many people are interested as well!!

    Keep up the good work!

    • I did check some other players… iconic players like BurNing haven’t said a thing, even his teammate xB/rOtk, who is known for being outspoken, hasn’t commented on G-1. LaNm, who wasn’t in the tournament, posted a response that indicated he was at least watching the final, but nothing else.

      Most other people in the scene, like casters and whatnot, have posted their support of the tournament and congratulations for its successful passing. IceFrog also posted a similar sentiment on his t.qq weibo account.

      A common fan and caster sentiment is that this offline event was one of the more ‘fan-oriented’ events, in that it provided excellent fan service and made people feel involved and at ease.

      • Ah, I see. Would have thought that the players would be more open to talking about it, but perhaps they were too disappointed with their performance or have their own pride to uphold… Not that I mind though, not accepting their loss would hopefully mean they’ll bounce back stronger and not let Alliance destroy them so easily In TI3! And teams like RS, tongfu and VG are definitely taking note. Here’s to hoping that DSL and TI3 east qualifiers get more interesting with some western infused strats, probably won’t go as easy for LGD anymore.

        Really glad that many felt G-1 went well, maybe it will encourage more chinese tournaments to invite western teams as I doubt most LANs in the west will invite chinese teams, or it will be hard for them to get a visa.

        • BurNing isn’t super active on his t.qq weibo usually so it’s not too surprising.

          Agreed on the other points as well. Though I do feel that Western LANs should try to reciprocate and invite more Chinese teams as well, many Chinese players have expressed a desire to participate if they should get the chance to do so.

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