The truth behind LongDD leaving

Over the weekend, various Dota-related forums and sites reported on LongDD leaving, news that came as a surprise to many as’s performances since his joining haven’t been bad, and LongDD himself had only just recently joined the team. The original story revolving around LongDD’s departure was a very dramatic one, but now, SGamer finds that one of their users may have been able to uncover a story that is closer to the truth — one LongDD fan managed to get in touch with him directly and posted screenshots from their chat, translated below. Long story short, the other members of LGD decided that LongDD was not up to what they needed and decided to make the change, everything else in between is left mostly unsaid, with obvious disappointment for all those involved…

Fan: What’s going on? I was looking forward to seeing you at TI3, how come you’re talking of retiring now… Add oil please, sincerely, the honest thoughts of a long-time fan of yours.
LongDD: No team anymore
Fan: The internal strife is that bad?
LongDD: It isn’t strife, there haven’t really been arguments or fights
Fan: I don’t get it, I don’t understand, this is all coming ahead of TI3 now, can you give us an explanation as to why? I want to hear your most authentic thoughts on the matter, and no matter what your decision is, we will support you
LongDD: It’s LGD that feels my mechanical skill is not up to par, they want to make a change. They feel that I am about the same as when they had DD, so they might as well just get someone new entirely
Fan: Last minute changes like this? I’m damn upset, how are you not up to par… Ruru (an LGD manager), too vicious
LongDD: It should have little to do with Ruru, I think
Fan: I’m so disappointed, LGD’s management people eat poop
LongDD: I’ve felt pretty good about myself. However, my weakness is indeed in my mechanics, it isn’t polished enough. But each player is different, as for me, I’m steady and reliable at offline events, I won’t make mistakes. There are plenty of people who have great mechanics, but once they’re at an offline event, their hands shake
Fan: I refuse to accept that, how good can a new replacement be? It’s an obvious power play to get you out. You’ve got vast experience, decent mechanics, and with TI3 approaching, even if you’re currently lacking a bit, you can always focus on that improving that in training
LongDD: These things, I don’t really understand either. Otherwise I wouldn’t be disappointed either
Fan: Watching you as you went from a hot-blooded young player to a steady veteran, all the challenges along the way… Sigh, retire then, the Dota scene is too much of a mess, I feel like there’s no hope anymore. So many things I want to say to those people… But anyway, no matter what, we still support you
LongDD: Thank you, in the future I’ll be doing vods, streams, come visit lots!
Fan: This is for sure, I will definitely give you much support


Perfect World’s Dota 2 Super League start date and groups revealed

The groups were determined by way of a draw, and are as below:

Group A: iG,, Vici Gaming, TongFu, For.Love
Group B: DK,, Orange, RattleSnake, RisingStars

The matches will begin on May 10 at 19:00 China time, with VG vs

The rest of the schedule for the regular season of the league is below (all in Chinese time):

May 16: 20:00–23:00:A- TongFu vs Invictus GAMING
May 17: 20:00–23:00:A- ForLove vs LGD GAMING CN
May 18: 14:00–18:00:A- VICI GAMING vs ForLove
May 18: 20:00–23:00:A-LGD GAMING CN vs TongFu

May 23: 20:00–23:00:A- Invictus GAMING vs LGD GAMING CN
May 24: 20:00–23:00:B- NeoEs.Orange vs LGD GAMING INT
May 25: 14:00–18:00:B- LGD GAMING INT vs TEAM DK
May 25: 20:00–23:00:A- Invictus GAMING vs ForLove
May 30: 20:00–23:00:A- TongFu vs ForLove
May 31: 20:00–23:00:A- Invictus GAMING vs VICI GAMING
June 1: 14:00–18:00:A- VICI GAMING vs TongFu
June 1: 20:00–23:00:B- Rattle Snake vs Rstars Gaming
June 6: 20:00–23:00:B- TEAM DK vs Rstars Gaming
June 7: 20:00–23:00:B- LGD GAMING INT vs Rattle Snake
June 8: 14:00–18:00:B- NeoEs.Orange vs Rstars Gaming
June 8: 20:00–23:00:B- TEAM DK vs Rattle Snake
June 13: 20:00–23:00:B- NeoEs.Orange vs Rattle Snake
June 14: 20:00–23:00:B- Rstars Gaming vs LGD GAMING INT
June 15: 20:00–23:00:B- TEAM DK vs NeoEs.Orange