VG’s fy leaves, xtt quits: Interview with Xtt himself regarding the split

After news of VG’s roster undergoing some changes — some sanctioned and some not so sanctioned by the club, got an interview with one of the players at the center of this upheaval…

Original interview: Just now, via weibo, we’ve learned that you and teammate Fy have ‘been kicked’. What reasoning was behind the club’s decision in you leaving? Or was it you guys making the choice for yourselves?
XTT: The club never told me to leave, but I had heard certain things, not much else is clear.

U9: Then that means that, without an official announcement regarding the departure, perhaps it has all been a misunderstanding?
XTT: Actually, even without this particular episode, I still wouldn’t want to continue on, because the club has already tried on three separate occasions to replace me.

U9: On your Weibo, you have mentioned that there’s a replacement for you lined up already, can you reveal who it is?
XTT: I’m sorry, this is inconvenient for me to reveal.

U9: When did the three occasions of trying to replace you come? Were these attempts direct responses to certain matches?
XTT: It was when I first joined, then when ZSMJ joined, and now this time.

U9: Your progress so far has been very clear to see, and many fans believe that right now you are one of the best performers out of VG’s players, so why would this all end up happening? Is it because of communication issues? Or because of other internal problems?
XTT: Mainly it’s because my style conflicts with the leadership in the team.

U9: Can you talk a bit about this conflict in style?
XTT: My playstyle tends towards being more conservative, I like to play with a plan.

U9: Your play with VG has been excellent; do you have any plans for the future, will you continue playing professionally?
XTT: I’m mostly happy with my performances. I will continue playing, I wish to achieve some results.

U9: Let’s chat about some other things — previously we recall that you were sick for a long period of time and had to be hospitalized, how is your health now?
XTT: The recovery’s gone pretty well, the sad thing being that a lot of time was lost in the process.

U9: Indeed, we remember that during that time, you were playing with us from the hospital bed. Does your family support your current choice of career?
XTT: My family really supports me, they watch every match of mine.

U9: Also in that period of time, you played a bit of LoL. What brought you back to Dota?
XTT: After I got better, I could no longer play LoL as comfortably, the 11 platform had just released, and so I went back to play Dota.

U9: At the end here, any words for your fans?
XTT: Thank you to the friends who have supported me all this way, I will not give up.

Chinese comment on the interview: “You only play LoL when you’re sick”

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