Dota 2 on Chinese main nightly news broadcast

After Dota 2 and TI2 made it onto mainstream Chinese evening news last year, yesterday we saw Dota 2 and an upcoming ‘National Esports Tournament’ reported in on an even greater stage, the Xinwen Lianbo (新闻联播), the official Chinese government-sanctioned nightly news broadcast that reaches every television in the country.

Worth noting:

  • Dota 2 is specifically mentioned by name, and in-game footage of the game was shown live to an audience of hundreds of millions
  • An esports national team will be selected from the results of this tournament
  • No other game was specifically mentioned by name

Watch the broadcast here:

Translation of the Dota 2-specific portion of the broadcast: “In five days, a National Esports Tournament, held by Zhejiang Daily Corporation, will incorporate competition in five different internationally-recognized games, including Dota 2. From across China, some 180 schools and over 200 clubs/societies will have teams participating. Over the course of 300 matches, which will be streamed live, there will be an estimated 3 million spectators across all competition. This will be the largest scale esports competition to be held domestically within the past five years. And through this competition, there will also be a selection for a Chinese national esports team to take part in further international competition.”

WCG 2012 World Finals in Kunshan makes Chinese mainstream TV news


Short clip, introduces the event and its purpose, notes that WCG promotes ‘healthy online gaming’, and then gives a little background on Chinese performance this year and last year. Main point here is that this was on CCTV-1, the main channel of CCTV, which is China’s official media entity. It was also broadcast during the nightly news, so pretty big influence.

(video) Dota2 and TI2 make it onto Chinese national TV!

Note: This is a video, click through below to watch. This was featured on the Chinese CCTV national news channel’s world news section!


Rough transcript: Fans of electronic gaming competition have gathered in Seattle to view the top level competition for Dota 2. In Seattle’s Benaroya Hall, a venue that is typically entertained by musical instruments is instead filled with mice and keyboards as youth from around the world gather to compete in the video game Dota2.

As one of the most influential worldwide competitive games, the competition has 16 teams from around the world, and a record-breaking prize pool. Additionally, the organizers have set up commentators in several languages on site.

Players from China played to the best of their abilities. “Go China, iG for the win!” They ultimately won the championship, to the applause of the crowd.

This tournament has brought together people who formerly only knew each other online, and they have shared and learned from each other, and made friends in the process.