(video) Dota2 and TI2 make it onto Chinese national TV!

Note: This is a video, click through below to watch. This was featured on the Chinese CCTV national news channel’s world news section!

Source: http://dota2.replays.net/page/20120904/1724402.html

Rough transcript: Fans of electronic gaming competition have gathered in Seattle to view the top level competition for Dota 2. In Seattle’s Benaroya Hall, a venue that is typically entertained by musical instruments is instead filled with mice and keyboards as youth from around the world gather to compete in the video game Dota2.

As one of the most influential worldwide competitive games, the competition has 16 teams from around the world, and a record-breaking prize pool. Additionally, the organizers have set up commentators in several languages on site.

Players from China played to the best of their abilities. “Go China, iG for the win!” They ultimately won the championship, to the applause of the crowd.

This tournament has brought together people who formerly only knew each other online, and they have shared and learned from each other, and made friends in the process.