Interview with LGD.Sylar — punches the last ticket out of G-League 2012 Group A, DK eliminated


In the last match of G-League 2012 Group A, LGD and DK met in a battle to the death of the titans. The loser of this match would be out of G-League S2 2012 entirely. Ultimately, LGD took the match and the last group advancement spot in a hard-fought 2-1 victory over DK.

Afterwards, we got a hold of Sylar for an interview, and he shared with us his joy after their victory and some post-match thoughts.

Q: Congratulations to LGD for the win over DK, allowing you to successfully advance from your group. Please say hello to all your fans out there!

Sylar: Hello everyone, I am the carry player from LGD — Sylar.

Q: Can you tell us your feelings at the time?

Sylar: Very happy! Once again we have the chance to make it to the finals.

Q: Watching the match today, we got the feeling that your team’s bans and picks were quite educated, what preparations did you make beforehand?

Sylar: Because after we lost the first game, we realized that if we did not first pick Lone Druid, they would certainly go for him. So we banned Lone Druid, then we managed to grab Anti-mage first, meaning we wouldn’t be afraid of playing it out to late game. Yet, in the second game we still made mistakes, otherwise we could have ended the game earlier.

Q: In the third game you selected a relatively less-seen Undying, what were your considerations in selecting this hero at the time?

Sylar: Actually, Undying has been a good pick recently, where he was either picked or banned constantly. But lately perhaps because of changes to their systems, various big teams have picked him less. Still, this hero is very strong in trilanes where you need to protect someone.

Q: Now that you’ve secured advancement from your group, you guys have a few days of down time, any plans?

Sylar: We should take a small break, and then we’ll be looking for a team to do some training, to prepare our next matches.

Q: Any plans to have some fun around Shanghai here?

Sylar: Maybe, will have to look at the team’s arrangements.

Q: Tomorrow will see B group matches kick off, can you give us your view on the four teams there?

Sylar: IG should be pretty familiar to everyone, they’re a very strong team. And then there’s MUFC, I don’t know if it’s the version with Hyhy, that version of MUFC is stronger. TongFu is also a strong team in China, but they haven’t played much with us lately so I don’t really know what they’re like now. Even though VG is a new team, they are still quite good, in scrims with them we win some, lose some.

Q: In the end, any words for your supporters and fans?

Sylar: Thank you to all those who support LGD.



LGD has a super fan…


Dotaland note: She’s a well-known model in China, half a million followers on weibo, yadayada… If you watched the Chinese G-League stream last night, there was a brief segment there where they only described her as a ‘fan’ of Dota’. Supposedly, she’s xiao8’s girlfriend — a common belief amongst Chinese fans. Some other people claim that she also used to be ZSMJ’s girlfriend. Would explain her love for LGD seen here (specifically,……



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G-League 2012 Dota2 Finals in Shanghai kicks off today at 20:00 China time / 04:00 Pacific time

G-League Dota2 groups, schedule, and streams below! All times are in China local time (UTC +8). Let’s see what surprises are in store for us all this holiday season. Some big matches coming up!

Huge prize pool: first place gets over $32000, second place $8000, third place $1600.

Teamliquid preview here:

Group A:,, DK, ForLove

Group A Schedule:

Dec 25 20:00 — DK vs ForLove

Dec 26 20:00 — vs

Dec 27 20:00 — vs ForLove

Dec 28 20:00 — DK vs

Dec 29 14:30 — ForLove vs

Dec 30 20:00 — vs DK

Group B: iG, TongFu, MUFC, Vici Gaming

Group B Schedule:

Dec 30 14:30 — TongFu vs MUFC

Dec 30 20:00 — iG vs VG

Dec 31 20:00 — MUFC vs VG

Jan 1 20:00 — iG vs TongFu

Jan 2 14:30 — iG vs MUFC

Jan 2 20:00 — TongFu vs VG

English stream:

Chinese stream:

Pre G-League interview with ForLove.Hanci


Q: Hello, very glad that Hanci can do this interview with us. Say hi to everyone?

Hanci: Hello, hi everyone, I am ForLove’s Hanci.

Q: Today ForLove has arrived once again at the scene of the G-League offline finals. Here I see some new faces, Hanci can you introduce us to your new team members?

Hanci: After last G-League, we now have two new players. One was the former Dota2 coach of DK, AABF, he is our carry player currently, very solid fundamentals. The other is former Nv player Banana, playing the 4 position for us. Right now the team is still gelling, and hopefully we can perform decently in competition.

Q: This is the third time ForLove has fought into the offline portion of G-League, do you have any goals for this time?

Hanci: Perform to our abilities. Goal is of course champions, that is what everyone wants.

Q: Well, this time you’ve been drawn in a group with DK, LGD, and This could be said to be the group of death, what are your views?

Hanci: For LGD, we often practice with them. Even though our win-rate is fairly low, we do at least have an understanding of their playing style. As for, they were very fearsome in the earlier online portion, so it’s possible that in the offline competition we won’t be able to handle them, so we aren’t that confident in playing them. And in training matches with DK, we basically haven’t won before.

Q: The format at this G-League has changed as well, the top three go into an additional round, what are you views toward this?

Hanci: Right now I don’t have much understanding of this new format, although if a team wants to make top 4 then they must have the ability.

Q: If you do make it into the additional round, who do you hope to meet most?

Hanci: In terms of other teams here, don’t really want to meet any of them! Perhaps VG, because we’ve played with them the most, and we are very familiar with their style and strategies.

Q: Then do you have the confidence to be able to defeat VG?

Hanci: That’s not easy to say, it can only be said that we know each other quite well, 50/50 chance.

Q: In the new patch version, do you have any new strategies?

Hanci: Must grab solid supports first off, as for carries there are plenty to choose from. Can’t ban them all, so picking them can wait to later!

Q: Then what are some in-style heroes currently?

Hanci: Nyx Assassin and Twin-headed dragon, and Rubick and Luna. Batrider’s and Magnus’ crowd control abilities are also quite imba.

Q: What are the reasons behind these heroes being so popular?

Hanci: High burst, continued team-fight capacities, and escape abilities… a strength in at least one of these areas is what sets them apart.

Q: Right now, what are some mainstream playing styles? What is your team’s style?

Hanci: Our style leans toward 4 protect 1, and overall it isn’t too different from the mainstream style…

Q: Okay, thank you Hanci for the interview.

G-League qualifiers over, group stage groups revealed, vods

Haven’t found a better version of this image-wise, so I’m using the version by reddit user ‘sheltered’ as seen here.

There’s been a running ‘joke’ or rumor that ZSMJ’s secret team BLACK WOOD EAR participated in these preliminaries. Unfortunately this team did not qualify further, therefore whether they are truly ZSMJ’s secret team may not now or ever be known…

G-League 2012 Season 2 Dota2 group stage groups

Group A: DK (direct invite for runners-up of last season), LGD,, ForLove

Group B: iG (direct invite for winners of last season), VG, TongFu, MUFC

Latest vods:

Recap vod of qualifiers last stage:

G-League Dota2 online preliminaries update


(Dotaland note: in the above link, click on the big letters in boxes to find upcoming matchups for each prelim group. As a recap, also note that iG and DK will not be playing in the prelims as they have been seeded to the finals brackets due to being 1st and 2nd last season, overall prizepool is over $40k)

On November 23 at 20:00, Gamefy will bring live coverage of G-League 2012 Season 2’s Dota2 competition in the form of matches from the A group in online preliminaries. The match will be between Noah’s Ark who just moved to Shanghai, and new up and coming team VG, the format will be a best of 3.

This day of competition is G-League’s first official Dota2 live streaming coverage, so who will claim group A’s one qualification spot, let us anticipate together!

Of note is making its debut at 18:30 on Nov 23 (less than 6 hours from now) against team All iN

Stream is found at the Gamefy Fengyunzhibo page:

G-league 2012 Season two registration opens, finals venue revealed


Dotaland note: partial translation. Also, I’ve been to this venue and it is an impressive one, located in urban Shanghai right along the Huangpu River, quite cool…

In the new season of the G-league, DotA has been replaced with Dota2, and LoL makes an appearance too, alongside SC2 and WC3, this makes a total of 4 games in which competition will be held for the new season. Registration will open on November 8.

Additionally, the finals venue has been revealed as Shanghai’s Mercedez-Benz Arena, which is China’s premier and largest arts and culture venue, with the capacity to adjust for audiences anywhere between 5000-18000 in number. It has held NBA matches, hockey matches, large-scale concerts, and more.

In recent years, G-League has chosen various high-profile locations for its finals venues, such as at Shanghai’s famed Nanjing Road, Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai International News Center, and more, all for the promotion of esports. And now, their work has paid off and they have gotten the support of Shanghai’s municipal government and secured the rights to use the Shanghai Mercedez-Benz Arena, which we believe is another big step in the development and growth of esports, so we are excited!

G-League switching to Dota2


On the G-league website at it can be seen that there is no longer a DotA icon, and in its place there is instead a Dota2 icon. While nothing happens when it is clicked yet, it seems that the change from DotA to Dota2 has become the greater trend in China, and Dota2 will enter its own period of dominance.

We hope that Perfect World can quickly and effectively get things going and get Dota2 open to everyone, as there are millions of gamers waiting, so that we can all partake in its joys!