Chinese site 17173 ranks the best players at TI2

Two large Chinese gaming sites, 17173 and SGamer, have put up summaries of Chinese fan analysis of the top players in their respective positions at The International 2. This is the 17173 version, I skipped a bit in the middle where it was joke rankings for random stuff. Sgamer’s version is very different and will be coming later.

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Chinese forumers appreciate NaVi


Title: Not much else to say, congratulations to NaVi for breaking the Chinese surround and winning 2nd place!

Super_Star_佑: Everyone should use a peaceful attitude in looking at this… NaVi’s team execution and overall skill are very strong… 2009 (Chinese commentator) also says, NaVi is a very strong team… they showed that, beating DK, iG, and broke LGD’s undefeated streak. Even though in the end they lost to iG for the championship, they are a team that has earned respect…

粑神: It was not easy [for NaVi, but they did well]

Super_Star_佑: Without NaVi, it would have only been Chinese teams fighting each other. Without NaVi, there would have only been Morphling, Anti-mage, Sylla, Naga Siren. Without NaVi, there would have been no Juggernaut heroics. Without NaVi, there would have been no real excitement in seeing a Chinese team win it all. NaVi, because of you, TI2 is more exciting.

_13eam: Yes, only playing against non-Chinese teams brings out the emotion

euro武生: NaVi showed to us all that this game has no unbeatable hero combos

yamadeh123: Without NaVi I wouldn’t be this excited right now

GsNm_11yue: Indeed I’ve come to respect NaVi. But NaVi fanboys not so much

卡尔不可以: I support NaVi, looking forward to next year’s International

大神爱抗米: NaVi really is fucking good. Pretty much beat every team once. Without them I’d probably have watched ping pong (this is a joke referring to how Chinese always dominate international ping pong tournaments)

ruzishehao3: Though I’m an iG fan, this time I have truly become a fan of NaVi.

花园のTrunks: Yeah, what you said makes sense. Even though I was rooting for iG to destroy NaVi, I can’t help but admit that NaVi is very strong, and all the top teams from Europe and America bring an added amount of magic and excitement to the Dota scene.

我要顺利pass: Feels like if it were Chinese teams fighting for the championship, I could’ve just slept through and checked the result in the morning and be ok with it

nengnengge: NaVi really figured out the Chinese Naga plus Tide system

水穗心岚: I support Chinese teams, but I’m also thankful for the non-Chinese teams.

ehome820357: NaVi is so unpredictable and enigmatic, if they’re still here next year, they’ll be amongst the favorites as well

雷克萨的荣耀: Every time I see Light bro (LightofHeaven) I always think he’s so great! By the time he was world famous I hadn’t even started playing Dota. If we say 820 was China’s first all-around player able to play any role, I think in the same way we can say LightofHeaven is the first Dota player that was recognized around the world. From when Chinese Dota was nothing in the world, to Chinese Dota standing on top of the world, LightofHeaven has always stood against our Chinese teams, from VP, Rush_3D, M5, DTS, to NaVi now.
After seeing iG win, while I was celebrating I also remembered to thank LightofHeaven for his participation in another legendary tournament, I salute your life of Dota!