Chinese reactions to TI2 Finals Day: Chinese Tide vs NaVi Rubick, iG club response, fan criticism of Finals crowd

Note: Some fan reactions to what was probably the key matchup in the Finals. Some good insight too.

After that is a tiny sample of stuff that is said regarding the crowd for the Finals, not a conclusive representation of overall opinion. In the end, this probably doesn’t even matter, but I thought it was an interesting insight into the ‘international’ dynamic at play here.

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(Sept 3 short bit) Praise for NaVi’s Dendi

Note: Wow, what a great tournament. Hard to put into words, but I’ll try to help translate as many of the words from the Chinese scene as I can find in the next few days. Stay tuned for that. For now, have this short bit from our friends at about NaVi’s star, Dendi.

Original (page 7):

Against iG (prior to the Grand Finals), Dendi’s Rubick was thorough and nearly perfect. He controlled Tidehunter’s movements and ult so well, and then when he stole it, he used it even better. His skills, knowledge, and instinct on display were all absolutely top tier. It must be said, his understanding of the game was perfect.