Chinese reactions to TI2 Finals Day: Chinese Tide vs NaVi Rubick, iG club response, fan criticism of Finals crowd

Note: Some fan reactions to what was probably the key matchup in the Finals. Some good insight too.

After that is a tiny sample of stuff that is said regarding the crowd for the Finals, not a conclusive representation of overall opinion. In the end, this probably doesn’t even matter, but I thought it was an interesting insight into the ‘international’ dynamic at play here.

1. Chinese Tide vs NaVi Rubick


zjlufo: iG.ChuaN’s Tide only got his ult stolen once today, with a very simple spamming of another move immediately after using Ravage. The only explanation is, ddc has never read the ability descriptions and was playing while thinking that Rubick’s skill steal is random.

caoleiwuqian: Spamming another move has no use, other moves all have delay time and Rubick’s steal is instant.

misteryxue: The difference was that ChuaN got Blink Dagger on his Tide.

ralulas: The Chinese method is simple, Naga Siren ults and then Tidehunter pops ult immediately afterwards with no gap in between, but in Dota2 this does not work, our foreign friends have good APM. In the last game it was obvious, ChuaN often waited up to 10 seconds after Naga’s ult to throw Ravage down, this meant that Rubick cannot possibly stand outside of the teamfight for that long and not get involved, and once Rubick comes in, then ChuaN’s Tidehunter would pop ult and catch Rubick too.

TacRiv: With Naga on the same team, Tide tends to depend on the Naga ult, but this makes it too easy to steal Ravage. iG made the change and went Blink on Tide, solving the problem. I feel like NaVi pulled out their Rubick play too early, they took down two consecutive Chinese teams with their Rubick, but then iG were able adapt in time to win the Grand Finals.

cyyqxx: ChuaN was playing to Rubick in the Finals the whole time, he only used Ravage when he could also catch Rubick in the raidus.

2. iG club weibo tweet response


Great swords come from tempered practice, flowers spring from cruel cold winters. After trying battles, we have finally seen the 5-star red flag wave in the skies of Seattle. At the last, we defeated NaVi by a score of 3 to 1. This victory belongs to China, belongs to iG. Let us celebrate together for iG’s greatness, Chinese esports greatness!

3. Criticism of Finals crowd


莫芙琳: Americans just use this kind of silence to congratulate the winners? Don’t tell me they were cheering for the underdog, iG were the ones that went through heaven and hell in the lower bracket to get all the way up to the Grand Finals. Don’t even talk about race, that’s been pretty much a non-issue for decades.

百个JJ度: iG and the crowd/fans don’t have much interaction, ChuaN is the de-facto spokesman. iG is awkward like a bunch of weird little schoolkids.

Quiescience: One is a team that has been competing and winning in public for over a year, the other is a team that barely has been public, who would you pick?

  • AL_JUE: Stop kidding, if next year is still in the US it will still be the same thing. Foreign fans aren’t that concerned with respecting the strong and pitying the weak, they are purely interested in supporting whomever can take down Chinese teams.

痞子z潇: Buy me a plane ticket and I’ll out-shout all of them.

尼采的信仰: This is pretty normal, if it were us it’d be the same.

2 thoughts on “Chinese reactions to TI2 Finals Day: Chinese Tide vs NaVi Rubick, iG club response, fan criticism of Finals crowd

  1. Thank you for the translations. Have you come across any information regarding rumours about representatives from Perfect World and G-League attending The International? There seems to be an article on sgamer, but not much information.

    • I’m about 99% certain people from Perfect World were at TI2. I didn’t personally see them, and it’s not like they would be likely to announce their presence in any way, but in addition to the rumors and small news bits on it, Perfect World had a booth at PAX and it would’ve made all the sense in the world for them to have people at TI2 over the weekend as well.

      As for the G-league, it would make a lot of sense as well. Already many of the Chinese teams playing Dota1 in G-league are the same teams we just saw competing at TI2.

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