Dota 2’s Chinese partner confirmed?


According to Sgamer’s reporters on site in Seattle, the previous rumor that Perfect World would be the official Chinese partner of Valve in releasing and supporting Dota 2 has been confirmed. Perfect World’s higher ups had received invitations from Valve to attend The International over the weekend in Seattle, for the purposes of taking the next step in confirming and preparing for the partnership.

Taking into consideration that Dota2 is still in beta and will probably remain in beta for a while yet, and also the administrative steps needed to officially release Dota2 in China with a partner, a good estimate for Dota2 to officially be in China is the second half of 2013.

Finally, we have learned that the announcement of Perfect World as official partners of Valve’s Dota2 in China will come a month from now, and so once the partnership is confirmed, Dota2 will be coming even faster to China!

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