LGD.international officially confirmed

Original: http://dota2.sgamer.com/news/201210/147425.html

partial translation, paraphrased

Long story short, LGD.int has been officially confirmed via LGD’s Weibo account. The members will be Pajkatt, Misery, GoD, 1437, and Brax.

Speaking with LGD’s manager Ruru immediately after the fact, she revealed that the international squad will arrive in China by month’s end, and they will stay in China long-term for training and everyday life.

In comparison to Chinese players, European and American players tend to play with more excitement in their game, and are more likely to have more flexible and versatile strategies. However, they also tend to lack professionalism, and team discipline is often lacking, which result in Euro/NA teams being on a lower overall skill level compared to Chinese teams. So, when we put European and North American players in China to train offline, thus combining the steady Chinese style with their enthusiasm, what will the result be? With both Chinese and international squads, will LGD stand at the top of next year’s International? Let us wait and see~

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