Gamefy G-League preview and predictions: iG favored


Former professional player Sakray writes a G-League preview piece for Gamefy.

Bans picks analysis

After a long break between the G-League round of 8 and the upcoming finals, the two finals teams shouldn’t have much variation in previous patterns when it comes to bans and picks. Add this to the fact that overall, there haven’t been much new in terms of metagame development, so it’s safe to assume they’ll be fighting for similar bans and picks here.

In terms of the first two bans, iG should likely focus on stopping’s favored jungle and roaming heroes (such as Chen), and it’s also very possible they use a ban on God’s Dark Seer or Shadow Fiend. As for’s bans, even though iG is versatile to the point of it being impossible to ban everything for them, but it is still possible to see that iG relies heavily on heroes which use Blink Dagger, so Batrider or Brewmaster are good choices here.

For the first three picks, apart from fighting over core carries such as Lone Druid, Lifestealer, Anti-mage, etc, there will also be decisive picks revolving around core teamfight heroes such as’s Chen and Enchantress, iG’s Batrider or Magnus. Also relevant here are hard support picks or solo mids, in order to solidify a basic core strategy.

As for the last three bans and last two picks, undoubtedly these will involve banning the opponents supports once a team has gotten their own supports, or the same with carries, followed by filler picks that complement the rest of the early picks. Additionally, if any team has a secret weapon or special tactics, this is when it will appear.

Pick predictions

iG: Brewmaster, Lone Druid, Rubick, Bounty Hunter, Lina Dark Seer, Enchantress, Night Stalker, Luna, Shadow Demon

Head to head analysis

Zhou vs Pajkatt

From farming mechanics, to item builds, to late game experience, long-time carry Zhou fully exhibits the right to claim “number 1 carry”. After resolving previous issues in farm allocation, iG has managed to give Zhou plenty of room, and Zhou has indeed acquitted himself nicely. In comparison, Pajkatt, while perhaps not lacking in mechanics and skill, still has a long way to go before reaching the same level.

430 vs GOD

In terms of individual ability, the two solo mids of their respective teams are perhaps the closest. God, on the same level as players like Dendi, performed brilliantly in earlier competition, with excellent laning and last hitting, deadly ganking and dictation of tempo, good item usage and choices. So when faced with various solo mid greats, God absolutely does not lose out. If you need something to look forward to, then this matchup between God and 430 is it.

YYF vs Brax

Whereever YYF is, that is his home field. In the 3 role, Brax still has much room for growth, and this matchup is not only a winning opportunity for him, but also a chance to learn and develop. Hopefully this cheerful, optimistic fellow can keep it up, and ultimately learn those traits that are signature of YYF — calm, collected, patient, efficient, and able to take on the role of being a team’s “generator” in making things happen.

ChuaN vs Misery

In carefully watching iG’s replays, you will notice that no matter in terms of finding kills in lane, to teleporting to help countergank, to teamfight participation, to positioning, there is nothing to complain about in ChuaN’s play. He embodies a nearly ideal 4 position in his support-gank role. Apart from maybe a little bit of a liking for stealing kills, that is. As for Misery, he’s got a unique understanding of jungling, and if he gets Chen or Enchantress, there’s potential for him to create some problems for ChuaN and Faith.

Faith vs 1437

Zhou is iG’s eyes, 430 is iG’s hands, YYF is iG’s heart, ChuaN is iG’s blood, Faith is iG’s brains. To be able to play support in such a star-studded team and not fall by the wayside, Faith’s ability can only be described as unfathomably deep. 1437 performed decently in previous competition, but his performances were more linked to Misery’s than anything else. If he can successfully fulfill his own role while injecting more personal flavor into it, he can perhaps bring more life to’s play.

Overall playstyle analysis

iG did not drop a single match in the earlier stages. Even though against LGD they met a certain degree of resistance, they ultimately showed their superior decision making ability. The “top three” of old has recently seen iG pulling ahead and away in all aspects, from bans and picks, to individual performances, to teamfights, and even as far as seeing superior creativity in cracking late0game stalemates. iG has indeed become the current world number 1 Dota2 team; the greatest impression this iG team gives is that they are un-beatable. Their playstyle is very efficient and clean: they rely on excellent individual skill to ensure laning goes well, then once key early items are farmed out, they rely on ChuaN and Faith’s roaming to make things happen and create space. Once they’ve achieved a certain advantage, they group up and take towers, always decisive in their decisions at this stage. If the opponent reacts less than perfectly, iG often takes kills in addition to towers, and they snowball out of control. If the oppponent defends effectively, iG quickly makes the decision to adapt. iG is rarely seen to be playing from behind, because they simply rarely fall behind in the early game. In all this, perhaps the best chance to find a hole in iG’s play is to go on all-out offense against them from the start. has not been together for long, yet have gone this far in G-League. Even though they’ve had tough challenges, their progress here is not an accident. Their strength comes from their fast learning; every mistake, defeat, or even spectacular performance from an opponent is something they learn from and absorb. Like a talented but unpolished fighter, their raw talent is enough to defeat many a master. favors jungling and then dual roaming. They tend to use an early Smoke gank in mid to help God open things up, and then shift into a trilane, utilizing controlled jungle creeps to harass the opposing carry’s growth. God will use all this to snowball while controlling runes. If not dealt with properly, teams find themselves in a cycle of teamfights against with no space to farm and grow properly, and will group up after their carry has core items out, utilizing the solo mid and carry’s earlier advantages to win fights. If’s early game roaming and God’s growth can be countered, then falters like a car without gas. If wants to expand beyond this singular strategic mindset, then they not only need more from the 3 4 5 positions, they also need to show that Western creativity. Without trying, how to know it will not work?

Results prediction

iG 3 — 0.5

Looking at it from various angles, iG will ultimately win by relatively large margins.’s 0.5 comes from the possibility of things such as God outplaying 430, or their potential at dominating teamfights. Worth looking forward to, either way, is the fact that both teams like to attack, and so no matter what happens, the matchup should be exciting for viewers!

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Sgamer interview with LGD’s new Misery and Pajkatt


Dotaland note: From the link above, the interview was done in English so the original English interview is available directly on Sgamer. 🙂 In case you’re too lazy for that, the interview is reposted below as well, but note that this is not translated by me, it is the original from Sgamer.


Q:Hello MiSeRy and Pajkatt ,Thanks for accepting DOTA2.SGamer.CoM’s interview. First of all, say something to your fans?
Misery:Ni hao to all my chinese fans! Im very happy for your support!
Pajkatt:Hello fans, we appreciate your support very much!

Q:How many times have you been China? Are you accustomed to the life and environment here?
Misery:This is my 4th time in China and I love it every time. I am already used to the culture, food, people etc and Im always having a great time here.
Pajkatt:This is my second time in China, last time we were here for one and a half month and now we have been in Hangzhou for 2 weeks, so I feel quite accustomed to most things.

Q:LGD clan base just moved to Hangzhou,there’s an old Chinese saying,” In heaven there is paradise/ On earth, Suzhou and Hangzhou”. How do you feel here?
Misery:haha, ofcourse there is a chinese saying *smiles* I havent seen that much of hangzhou, only the area around the LGD base, but I know there is some amazing nature here, and Im looking forward to exploring hangzhou more in the future. I can say that the air here is way better than in beijing and other cities, so thats very cool!
Pajkatt:I really like Hangzhou, it’s a very nice city and our base is also very good. On top of that we have an awesome teamleader (Nicholas) and the other LGD team is very friendly.

Q:Can you tell curious players when LGD think of forming an international team? And how do you get in touch with them?
Misery:After TI2, pajkatt and I wanted to take dota 2 to the next level, and the only way to do that is to play in China because the skill level and seriousness is much higher here. So we basically wrote some of our contacts in china, and ended up talking to LGD.Rurutia and in the end  it made everything possible.
Pajkatt:I started speaking to LGD after TI2 because I was intrested in playing DotA in China, because I feel that the scene is much stronger and more professional here.

Q:Several members of are very well-known solo, carry position players, what will the role distribution look like in the team? Will someone have to make a transition to play support?
Misery:I know we had a lot of people critisizing the team because of the roles of the players in the team, but PJ and I spent a lot of time thinking about the roster, and we are confident in our players capabilities to play their roles to its fullest potential! PJ will take the role as 1, G will play 2, Brax playing 3, I – MiSeRy will play 4 and 1437 is gonna take hard support as 5. Personally I wanted to transition to support role, as I did last year for EG, its a role im comfortable with and also a role that is very hard to play.
Pajkatt:With chinese terms, the roles of our team will be me on 1, God on 2, Brax on 3, Misery on 4 and 1437 on 5. This means Misery will switch from 2 to 4, but he is a very talented player and he is already doing a very good job at it.

Q:Team manager RURU said you would stay in Chinese for a long time for training when your team formed. Is it your desire? Or it has been considered when the team was formed?
Misery:Yea, the plan has from the beginning been to move to china and play from here, the team was formed after, it was a bit difficult to find the right players, because its a big commitment to move to china for a year or more, but it worked out in the end!
Pajkatt:It is my/our desire to stay here for a long time and make sure we dont waste this great opportunity and staying together with one team for a long time will help your teamplay a lot.

Q:Do you think staying in China would contirbute to your improvement of skills and competitive atmosphere of all? After all both of you got trained and took part in competition before when you are in EG, but didn’t get good results.
Misery:playing as a european team in china is always hard in the beginning, but with a lot of practise and talented players, you will reach the chinese level eventually. Last year we only stayed 1,5 months and didnt practise as much as we wanted, also we had some problems with the team, Playmate had to go home cause of visa issues. This time we will have a lot of time to practise and perfect the teamplay, strategies and positioning.
Pajkatt:I think staying in China will most certainly make us a stronger team, last time me and Misery were here, we may not have gotten good results, but we both developed a lot as players.

Q:Some insiders say LGD forming international team is to join hand with and imprve strenth and chance of winning million dollar in TI3, is that ture?
Misery:I dont know anything about that, Its definitely not for TI3 alone. First of all theres almost a year to the next International, and we dont know much about the tournament at all. Second, I believe we will be good training partners with, and with time we should be the best DotA2 club in china! My focus is now, and always the next tournament, ofcourse TI3 is huge, but in my eyes every tournament is important!
Pajkatt:Having two teams living under the same roof and who can also practice with eachother all the time is very beneficial for both teams, you can try out strategies that no other teams will know about and practice is almost always available.

Q:Team successfully entered grand finals,however, they lost their champions as they defeated by Na’Vi and iG, which is their biggest regret in 2012. What do you think of LGD’s faith?
Misery:I think the top 3 of TI2 was very close, it could have been anyone of those 3 that could win the tournament. is a very talented team and they should just stick together and keep playing, they will win in the future.
Pajkatt:Going into TI2 I felt that LGD was the strongest team, as we had practiced against them online and never won…I was surprised that they didn’t win and I think they were unfortunate, but both iG and Na’Vi played very well during the final day of TI2.
I think and will help each other and hopefully become two very strong teams!

Q:What is the difference between them and iG or Na’Vi?
Misery:Mainly their playstyles, LGD is probably the more passive team of those 3, where as IG recently has been showing a lot of agression within the new patch. NaVi is just NaVi, and they will always be a unique team with a unique playstyle.
Pajkatt:The way I see it, the difference between LGD and iG or Na’Vi is that their playstyle can be easier to read, but harder to deal with. In TI2 up until final day, everyone knew how LGD drafted but no one managed to stop them anyway.

Q:Now you are training with LGD together. Do you think it would contribute to you strategy communicating and all strenghs improvement?
Misery:Definitely. We just started practising seriously yesterday, as 1437 recently arrived in china. I can see that we are improving from every game.
Pajkatt:Yes ,I belive it will.

Q:Chinese teams are still strong in TI2, and five team all entered final eight, even 3 team entered final four. Some foreign players say  Chinese professional would “destroy” DOTA2 as they did on DotA. Do you agree with it?
Misery:Yea I kind of agree with it, I dont think theres any potential left in europe besides NaVi, a few good players, but no teams that can play up with the chinese. European DotA now, is too much about streaming random public games and boosting your own personal fanbase, instead of practising with your team and generally focusing on the team.
Pajkatt:I think it’s not about chinese, european, american or SEA, it’s about the professionalism that exists in the chinese dota scene. Hopefully we will be able to prove that a team consisting of players of differenet nationalities combined with the dicsipline of chinese teams can compete with the best.

Q:Are you still playing DotA? What is the biggest difference between DotA and DOTA2 do you think?
Misery:I have only played a few dota 1 games the last year, the main difference is that dota 2 is much much easier to play, all the new features and hotkeys etc in dota 2 as well as the engine itself, makes the game very easy to play for new players. Ofcourse this doesn’t matter too much on the highest level, since its the same for everyone, but from my point of view this is the biggest difference. Some heroes are much stronger in dota 2 than in DotA 1, and the drafting is more interesting in dota 2, it feels like you can use almost any hero in DotA 2, where as in dota 1, you will get punished much harder if you try to pick outside the box.
Pajkatt:I played a couple of DotA games since I got to china, but we will not participate in any DotA tournaments so now there is no reason for me to play DotA. I think the biggest difference is how the game looks and feels, it takes some time to get used to switching to DotA or DotA 2 if you played one of them and decided to switch.

Q:As DotA map version continual updating, Chinese still remains a large numbers of DotA players, but most competitions has change to DOTA2. So the DotA has many players but no ompetitions, and DOTA2 has many competitions and no players. If this embarrassing situation would effect the tntegral development of DOTA?
Misery:I think with time everyone will start playing DotA 2, I heard the problem is the lack of beta keys in china and the fact that dota 2 is running on steam. Now it might be a problem, but in half a year or something, it should be fine. Im sure Valve is aware of the problem and they are working 24/7 to make everything better.
Pajkatt:I think within one year close to everyone will be playing DotA 2 rather than DotA, it’s more viewer friendly and after playing it now for more than a year I feel that it’s a better game than DotA.

Q:You took part in SMM for EG last year, but encountered very bad thing. This year’s competition is still DotA, and do you plan to participate it?
Misery:yea, I dont think we will participate SMM, not because of what happened last year, but mainly because it is DotA 1, and our main purpose in china is to focus on DotA 2. Initially it was the plan to go to SMM, but I doubt we will go.
Pajkatt:We wont participate in this years SMM.

Q:Previously Team DK has clearly indicated that they would transit to DOTA2 after WCG and no more participate DotA competition. What do you think of their decision?
Misery:I think its a good decision, both for them and the dota 2 scene in china in general. DotA 2 is the future, and everyone should know.
Pajkatt:I think it’s a wise decision, there will be more and more DotA 2 tournaments and less and less DotA tournaments.

Q:The WCG grand finals will be held in China this year. Both DotA and DOTA2 are WCG Competitions. Although DOTA2 hasn’t open beta, but  it has favoured by many large-scale events, do you know the reason behind? Do you plan to participate WCG?
Misery:I would love to participate in WCG china, I dont know much about it really, but I hope we can play it.
Pajkatt:DotA 2 is easier to watch than DotA thus favoured by large-scale events. Unfortunately we won’t parcitpate in WCG.

Q:In lastest version, many unpopular heroes got enhancement and became more violent. Do you think it is good for game developing more exciting and eyes catching?
Misery:Yea , I think most of the changes are really good and it will definitely mix up the hero pool a bit, which is always interesting. I think a lot of the fans are happy about seeing some new heroes come into play from time to time, and the updates help this to come true.
Pajkatt:I think the latest versions buffs and nerfs were necessary and interesting, I expect many new heroes to be played the upcoming months.

Q:Thanks for your time. Anything to shoutout?
Misery:My pleasure! shoutout to our sponsors, LGD, Razer and Taobao, shoutout to all our fans and supportes and shoutout to LGD rurutia for making LGD.Int possible as well as our awesome manager LGD-Nicholas!!
Pajkatt:Shoutout to our sponsors, LGD, Taobao, Razer,to our fans, teamleader Nicholas and to my family and friends in Sweden. officially confirmed


partial translation, paraphrased

Long story short, has been officially confirmed via LGD’s Weibo account. The members will be Pajkatt, Misery, GoD, 1437, and Brax.

Speaking with LGD’s manager Ruru immediately after the fact, she revealed that the international squad will arrive in China by month’s end, and they will stay in China long-term for training and everyday life.

In comparison to Chinese players, European and American players tend to play with more excitement in their game, and are more likely to have more flexible and versatile strategies. However, they also tend to lack professionalism, and team discipline is often lacking, which result in Euro/NA teams being on a lower overall skill level compared to Chinese teams. So, when we put European and North American players in China to train offline, thus combining the steady Chinese style with their enthusiasm, what will the result be? With both Chinese and international squads, will LGD stand at the top of next year’s International? Let us wait and see~