Chisbug back to iG for a guest appearance at WCG



In the WCG China region preliminaries, DK has defeated TongFu 2-0 and will be facing their old adversary iG next. This very well may be a prelude to the ultimate finals at WCG, but iG has announced on their Weibo that ChuaN will not be a part due to his Malaysian nationality, and instead chisbug will take his place for this.

Chisbug is also a 4 position player, known for a very aggressive and ruthless style. At LGD’s peak last year, his Enchantress and Chen left us deep impressions. After iG’s current roster was formed last year, chisbug faded out of the scene and never joined another team, although recently it’s been rumored that he was to form a new team with ZSMJ, and indeed he has been seen playing a lot of Dota2. Will this represent another wave of iG’s cold-blooded gank strategies? And will iG be able to continue their dominance in the DotA and Dota2 worlds? We wait and see!

In the end, we wish good luck to DK and iG and hope they perform well, and win glory for the mother land!

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