Chisbug reveals a little more on ZSMJ’s new team… three confirmed members, sponsored by LGD as well?


Q: Hello, CH! Long time no see!

CH: Indeed, it truly has been quite a while.

Q: As ChuaN-god’s replacement for iG here at WCG, how do you feel?

CH: I think quite honored, after large-scale competitions like WCG aren’t many, and I’ve really been hungry for a return to the battlefield, to enjoy the rush brought about by competing.

Q: Yesterday, ZSMJ confirmed at the Perfect World Dota2 expo booth that he was returning to competitive Dota, can you talk about how your new team’s creation is coming along?

CH: Indeed, ZSMJ first contacted, and I was very glad to help him. Our goals are the same. Right now the team only has three players, [in addition to myself and ZSMJ], the other player currently is a Zhensan (Dotaland note: Zhensan is a Warcraft 3 mod similar to Dota, using Romance of the Three Kingdoms lore) player named Show. We’re currently searching for the other two players. The hope is to complete the team by the end of the year.

Q: Have you found sponsors for the new team?

CH: The team’s sponsor situation is exceptionally stable, the base will be in Tianjin. Currently the team name also has LGD in it, it will take the format of LGD.XXX (the specific details beyond this cannot be revealed yet)

Q: Speaking of, thinking back to originally when iG’s new roster excluded your name, what was the feeling like?

CH: To be honest, really sad and disappointed. The only thing I could do while sitting at home with nothing to do was to play a few pubs, at that time the ladder system had just debuted, I remember I was ranked top 10 or so.

Q: Well, we wish for you to continue your efforts and good luck in your career!

CH: Thank you, this is why I’ve come back!

Pre-WCG interview with iG.430


Replays.Net: 430 hello, welcome to this interview with Replays.Net, first say hi to everyone

iG.430: Hello everyone, I am Dota player 430 from iG

RN: Dota2 has become an official competition of WCG, so do you have any thoughts about finally being able to meet and face fellow Dota players on the WCG stage?

430: I’m very excited, WCG is an old-school name and I’ve been drawn to it since I was young.

RN: Dendi is also supposed to attend this WCG, and the two of you are the top solo mid players in the world, can you talk a bit with us about your experiences playing against him, and how you will approach it this WCG?

430: Dendi’s play is quite intelligent, playing against him, typically it’s the mid-game teamfights where he displays flawless execution.

RN: ChuaN due to nationality cannot play with iG at WCG this time, what kind of reaction has he had to this?

430: A bit sad I think, missing out on such a big competition.

RN: Hearing that Chisbug will be replacing ChuaN for this competition, we want to ask how Chisbug is doing in Dota2? How has his training been with you all? Will positions within the team change because of Chisbug being added in?

430: Chisbug is temporarily replacing ChuaN’s position for this WCG, his pub play is pretty good. The training has also been decent, and there will be no position changes because he’s just replacing ChuaN for now.

RN: G-1 offline your performances weren’t very good, and there are some strong opponents at WCG, have you made any adjustments in the time between then and now to prepare?

430: Hard work in training, work on improving form. And some analysis of pick and ban lineups.

RN: In your view, who are your biggest opponents at WCG? Surely iG’s goal must be champions, how much confidence do you have?

430: DK and NaVi  think, and 50% confidence in being champions.

RN: Competitions both in China and around the world have pretty much all transitioned to Dota2 now, yet many Chinese teams hold varying degrees of love for DotA, what are your views on the trends in transitions?

430: It’s simply the greater trend now, I think once people are used to Dota2, most will prefer it more.

RN: The Chinese vendor for Dota2 has been confirmed as Perfect World. From a professional player’s point of view, can you give an opinion, or some suggestions?

430: The experience for new players must be well implemented, and then it’s ensuring server quality, as well as incorporating anti-hack systems.

RN: We all know that you often queue with JJ Lin (Dotaland note: Chinese mega pop star, srsly huge in Asia), this has made us all curious — what is his skill leve like? Does he have interest in your competition results? Is there ever any discussion of competitions?

430: Pretty much average pub player level. As for competitions, he doesn’t follow them. He just plays for fun when he’s got some time.

RN: After the International in Seattle, many Chinese Dota2 teams have seen improved flexibility and creativity in lineups and strategies, drafting many formerly un-used heroes to the clan war stage. On this matter, iG has definite right to speak, so can you explain to us a bit about what brought about these new developments, and whether there have been any changes in mental approaches?

430: Because in Dota2 some heroes have much improved movement projectile animations, such as Leshrac and Queen of Pain, in addition to some differences in mechanics, so we have rarely used Dota1 heroes becoming more popular in Dota2. In terms of mental approach, we’ve become more eager to play less utilized heroes.

RN: At this WCG are there any specific players or competitions that you are particularly interested in following?

430: Not right now, no.

RN: There are two Mongolian teams at this WCG whom you have never faced before, it might be that they have some special tactics prepared, is there any pressure?

430: This is something that can only be known once we face off, [it’s not a new situation] because there are many able teams in the SEA Dota2 scene.

RN: WCG is a worldwide competition, with strong representative teams from various countries coming to determine a victor. Of course, in both Dota1 and Dota2 Chinese teams are top in terms of ability, what do you feel is the reason Chinese teams can establish and maintain this lead?

430: More professional scene than in other places. In my understanding, most other teams in other countries are strictly online, only coming together for a few days before major competitions.

RN: We’ve talked so much about competition, can you tell everyone a bit about your everyday life? Apart from training do you have any other activities and interests? We all want to know how vibrant and colorful our player-gods’ lives are….

430: Actually it’s very ordinary… after training every night we all just go and play a few pubs, watch something, or read something, stuff like that.

RN: If iG wins the first WCG Dota2 competition and you need to speak on stage, what would you say?

430: I would say a childhood dream has been realized.

RN: Thank you 430 for doing this interview with us, and we wish you success at WCG and glory for the motherland.

430: Thank you to Replays.Net for the interview, I will bring good form and win the competition.

Chisbug back to iG for a guest appearance at WCG



In the WCG China region preliminaries, DK has defeated TongFu 2-0 and will be facing their old adversary iG next. This very well may be a prelude to the ultimate finals at WCG, but iG has announced on their Weibo that ChuaN will not be a part due to his Malaysian nationality, and instead chisbug will take his place for this.

Chisbug is also a 4 position player, known for a very aggressive and ruthless style. At LGD’s peak last year, his Enchantress and Chen left us deep impressions. After iG’s current roster was formed last year, chisbug faded out of the scene and never joined another team, although recently it’s been rumored that he was to form a new team with ZSMJ, and indeed he has been seen playing a lot of Dota2. Will this represent another wave of iG’s cold-blooded gank strategies? And will iG be able to continue their dominance in the DotA and Dota2 worlds? We wait and see!

In the end, we wish good luck to DK and iG and hope they perform well, and win glory for the mother land!

ZSMJ returning with an all-new team, alongside chisbug, 820, and more?


In the G-1 League match between TongFu and Flash, Chinese commentator 2009 revealed that ZSMJ is currently putting together a new team. The former supporters of LGD have devoted an amount of money to 830GOD, the goal being to create a new team. Involved are ZSMJ, Chisbug, and in addition they are trying to recruit 820, though he hasn’t shown much interest, so they’re also currently in contact with WE’s Jiejie and WE captain Luo. They’ve already been practicing together (video linkDire team is Chisbug, 830GOD, ZSMJ, Jiejie, and Luo from top down), and ZSMJ’s Steam account confirms, with over 111 hours in the past two weeks on Dota2. Added to all the previous rumors, we have reason to believe that the news of ZSMJ making a comeback to be true.