Chisbug reveals a little more on ZSMJ’s new team… three confirmed members, sponsored by LGD as well?


Q: Hello, CH! Long time no see!

CH: Indeed, it truly has been quite a while.

Q: As ChuaN-god’s replacement for iG here at WCG, how do you feel?

CH: I think quite honored, after large-scale competitions like WCG aren’t many, and I’ve really been hungry for a return to the battlefield, to enjoy the rush brought about by competing.

Q: Yesterday, ZSMJ confirmed at the Perfect World Dota2 expo booth that he was returning to competitive Dota, can you talk about how your new team’s creation is coming along?

CH: Indeed, ZSMJ first contacted, and I was very glad to help him. Our goals are the same. Right now the team only has three players, [in addition to myself and ZSMJ], the other player currently is a Zhensan (Dotaland note: Zhensan is a Warcraft 3 mod similar to Dota, using Romance of the Three Kingdoms lore) player named Show. We’re currently searching for the other two players. The hope is to complete the team by the end of the year.

Q: Have you found sponsors for the new team?

CH: The team’s sponsor situation is exceptionally stable, the base will be in Tianjin. Currently the team name also has LGD in it, it will take the format of LGD.XXX (the specific details beyond this cannot be revealed yet)

Q: Speaking of, thinking back to originally when iG’s new roster excluded your name, what was the feeling like?

CH: To be honest, really sad and disappointed. The only thing I could do while sitting at home with nothing to do was to play a few pubs, at that time the ladder system had just debuted, I remember I was ranked top 10 or so.

Q: Well, we wish for you to continue your efforts and good luck in your career!

CH: Thank you, this is why I’ve come back!

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