G-League Finals to feature MC HotDog

As reported earlier, the upcoming G-League Finals at Shanghai’s Mercedes-Benz Arena will feature various celebrity appearances. Previously confirmed was big-name rockstar Zhang Zhenyue. And now, a friend of his in rapper MC HotDog, who toured alongside him in the past, has been confirmed to be a headliner at the G-League Finals on March 9.

Rapper MC HotDog and rockstar Zhang Zhenyue

According to the Gamefy announcement, it seems that they will not only be making ‘VIP’ appearances, but will also be performing, and even taking on hosting duties for the event. This is pretty big for esports and further illustrates the draw of competitive gaming in the mainstream in Asia, as these two names are quite famous. Let us all look forward to what the G-League Finals will ultimately bring us!

Also, in case anyone was interested in attending the event live in Shanghai, tickets go on pre-sale on Jan 24, and open sale one week after that on Jan 31.

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