Official Dota2 Chinese portal site is live

Up since yesterday, the official Dota2 Chinese site, run by Perfect World, is now online. From top to left on the tabs, its sections are home, news, heroes, items, competitions, vods, wallpapers, comic, and forums. The forums are official discussion forums, with general discussion, announcement forums, and a forum for customer support, and one for suggestions. The ‘comic’ is a decently translated version of the comic Valve put out for Dota2, “Are We Heroes Yet?”

Below that, on the row with four tabs, are links for getting into the Chinese server, and a currently idle link for activation of the eventual beta codes. Sign ups for beta are currently on-going for the second wave (first wave ended a few weeks ago), so if you have friends in China, be sure to let them know, as the beta will be coming in March!

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