Perfect World and AMD announcement, xiao8’s round 2 on TV

Two events of interest will be coming on Friday, April 19 in Chinese time. Exciting!

On April 19, Perfect World and AMD will be headlining a major press publicity and announcement event. In this, the two companies will be revealing details of a strategic partnership in China, as well as further details on the eagerly awaited Chinese Dota 2 beta. Also of note, more details will be announced regarding the previously reported Perfect World Dota 2 league (rumored to be in tandem with the ACE League).

VIP guests invited include big-name commentators and other Dota people, teams iG and LGD, and the event will include a showmatch between the two powerhouse teams.



Also on April 19, xiao8 will appear again on the dating show in which he had previously appeared. The first time, he had failed to achieve his goal, though things were not final and he himself said on his weibo that it would be a “Best of 3!”. This time, he’s back, and he’s got a new attack plan, as he’s brought friends and is apparently cooking noodles on stage, as seen at 4:00 in this preview video.



KingJ joins TongFu, replacing yAobAi

Having just joined For.Love recently, veteran player KingJ has now made another move, this time to TongFu. At TongFu, he will be replacing yAobAi, who had also only recently joined TongFu. YAobAi’s next step is currently unknown. As for For.Love and who they replace KingJ with, we do not yet know, but rumors suggest that they’ve already got a mysterious newcomer lined up.

TongFu current roster:



One fan brings Dota to Tibet…

Recently, one dedicated fan of Dota made the pilgrimmage to a center of Buddhist spiritualism, Tibet, and brought Dota 2 along with him to find blessings for the upcoming launch of Dota 2 servers in China.

He is a 20-something player of Dota. On April 12, he had posted various images from his journey, in an effort to do his part in promoting Dota 2.

From his writings on the topic, he is a believer in Buddhism, and has been playing Dota for a very long time, at various points in the past having been part of the volunteer testers for DotA and Dota 2. He’s put his life’s passion and energy into Dota, and so he has an uncomparable thirst to see Dota 2 succeed in China.

From Chengdu, to Erlang Mountain, Kangding… back and forth through the mountains he went, bringing Dota along with him.

In his travels, he found joy, and he met challenges. And at a guest house, he even came across other Dota fans. With his Dota posters in hand, he collected signatures and blessings for Dota all along the way from fellow fans and new converts alike.

You can find him on Sina Weibo as user ‘swineroc’ — his Tibet trek is still on-going.


Perfect World 1M RMB tournament announce upcoming, Chinese beta still waiting…


After previous news reported that Perfect World and Gamefy had partnered up for a 1 million RMB prize Dota2 tournament later this year, we now learn that Perfect World is poised to officially announce details of the tournament later this month.

According to the SGamer source, the tournament will take place during May through June of this year, with the entirety of it being held locally in Shanghai. Ten teams will be invited and compete in a round-robin points-based format, with the ten teams to be announced!

The official announcement will come on Friday, April 19, at a press conference in Beijing.

Original: (not direct translation below)

According to this bit, the Chinese Dota 2 beta, which had previously been rumored to be making its debut in April, will inevitably be delayed further. The source reports that, in the words of an insider with access to information on the Chinese Dota 2 beta, the development of the Chinese game client has been delayed on the developers’ side — which we speculate to mean Valve. Either way, the actual Chinese game client has seen delays, and thus, the Chinese beta has been delayed as well.

Dota players in China are growing restless, however, and just how much longer this Chinese beta needs remains to be seen… But with the million RMB Perfect World tournament coming next month, it makes all the sense in the world to allow Chinese fans to watch the tournament and play the game at the same time. Let’s hope we see some real progress in the Chinese Dota 2 market soon.

G-1 Interviews Roundup: Ohaiyo, YYF, Sylar, 357, iceiceice, ddc, and more!

Lots of good interviews with all sorts of players and managers, from G-1! Check ’em all out below~

LGD.ddc: In order to improve, we must change

DDC flaunts his humor and talks about recent LGD changes, funny interview…

Zenith.iceiceice: 50-50 against iG

Now, obviously Zenith lost against iG, but not without a fight. This interview, in all other ways, is one of epic proportions and laughs…

Orange.Ohaiyo: Every team wants the same thing

Ohaiyo shares his and the team’s goals, the difference between his style and Mushi’s in solo mid…

DK.357/QQQ: We’re training hard

357/QQQ/MMY talks about DK’s recent ups and downs, their training, and what they need to improve on…

LGD.Nic take two: We are the defending champs!

LGD’s manager, in this second interview with G-1, discusses’s recent role changes,’s chances, Pajkatt…

iG.YYF: Confidence, teamwork, are our strengths

YYF talks about their recent form, the match against Zenith, and the source of iG’s success…

LGD.Sylar: I feel great

Sylar tells us about his feelings (after winning), and discusses’s recent performances…

Dotaland weekly recap: Mar 28 — Apr 3, 2013

This week featured an interesting question and answer session with iG.ChuaN and iG CEO Efeng, very candid and insightful. The people at Perfect World remain active with a release day drawing ever nearer, VG and ZSMJ make changes, April Fools happened with a ‘rumor’ on Mushi, and G-1 marches on with half a dozen more fun little interviews. Check it all out inside!

Mar 27

iG.ChuaN and iG CEO Efeng question and answer session

iG held an event on t.qq (similar to Twitter) where anyone could ask questions and they would answer. Good questions, good answers. Quite a bit of good stuff here, check it out.

Mar 28

Chinese Dota 2 server test to come April 15?

Rumors are placing the impending Perfect World Dota 2 launch ever closer…

VG makes internal changes: ZSMJ to join VG first team, Cty to move to solo mid position

As the title says, ZSMJ has been moved into the VG first team, previous VG first team carry Cty moves to the solo mid position.

Mar 29

Official Chinese Dota 2 portal site ramping up with events

Wondering what our Chinese Dota friends have been up to? How their community has been growing and evolving? Here’s a snippet…

Apr 1

Mushi searching for a Chinese team

April Fools! But still, it remains an interesting thought exercise to think about where he might go if Mushi were indeed to move to China…

Apr 2

G-1 interviews roundup: Mushi, Faith, RSnake and LGD managers, and more!

Lots of interviews for G-1… check ’em all out at the G-1 portal. Previews and direct links at Dotaland!



G-1 Interviews Roundup: xiao8, Mushi, Faith, RSnake and LGD managers, and more!

Lots of interviews for G-1… check ’em all out at the G-1 portal. Previews and direct links below!

LGD.xiao8 talks about Group A

G-1 Phase 3 is set to begin on March 27, with the LGD derby between their int and cn squads leading off. In anticipation, we interviewed’s Director 8, xiao8, to learn more about how they’ve been doing lately!

Orange.Mushi: We hope to see you all in China!

The groups for Phase 3 of G-1 have begun. Malaysian powerhouse Orange has been grouped with three strong Chinese teams, and it remains to be seen whether Mushi can lead his team out of the surround. Let us see here what Mushi has to share with us all.

iG.Faith: Offline finals will be spectacular!

Powerhouse iG finally makes their appearance at Season 5 of the G-1 Champions League. We got an interview with iG support player Faith, who shared with us some of iG’s training and talked about his thoughts on this season’s G-1. Take a look below!

LGD.Pajkatt: G-1 is a lot of fun

Pajkatt talks about life in China, his role as carry, and more!

RSnake.JET: RattleSnake manager speaks

The manager sheds some light on this new team, composed of old veteran players.

LGD.Nic: LGD manager gives a glimpse into the world of LGD

In this interview with LGD’s Dota manager Nic (Chinese ID: Chaorenwa), he gives us an overview of the Int squad players, what they do in their spare time, how he got where he is today, and more. Read on below to take a step into the world of LGD!