VG makes internal changes: ZSMJ to join VG first team and play alongside Cty


Previously it was mentioned that VG’s carry player Cty had been working with ZSMJ and sharing experiences on playing carry, and now the two carry players — one new, one a veteran — will have the chance to play and compete alongside each other.

Vici Gaming have announced that ZSMJ, previously part of their newly formed second team, has now been moved to their first team, replacing sydm on the VG first team roster.

As a legendary status carry player, ZSMJ will retain his carry role in the new squad, and Cty will move to the 2 role, while the rest of the roles remain unchanged. At the same time, the captain of the squad has shifted from Fenrir to Cty.

Here is VG’s first team roster as of now:

Cty (captain)



G-1 Interview with VG.CTY: Working together with ZSMJ

As VG prepares to make their mark on Season 5 of the G-1 Champions League, 17173, the force behind the tournament, got an interview with their carry player. CTY talks about his favorite heroes, VG’s recent training, and how the addition of legendary carry ZSMJ to VG in a second team plays into his own work as a carry. Click through below to hit the full interview, on the official G-1 portal site.

VG.CTY Pre-G-1 Interview: Working together with ZSMJ


ZSMJ officially joining VG, teammates yet to be confirmed


Translating key points. As reported a week ago, ZSMJ was rumored to be joining VG…

SGamer contacted VG’s manager Fengdidi/Pandapanpan, who acknowledged that ZSMJ had indeed joined VG, and had arrived at their base. When asked the roster of ZSMJ’s squad, it was further revealed that ZSMJ would be joining VG by himself first, with the goal of building a team around him at VG. As such VG now has two Dota2 squads, plus one Dota1 squad (YaphetS stack).

As for the specifics of who ZSMJ would have alongside him in his squad, this was not revealed, so we can only await VG’s official announcement.

Official VG Tencent weibo post confirming the same as above, and linking to the SG post:


[rumors] ZSMJ’s team joins VG? Perfect World holding International qualifiers in June?


Dotaland note: Nothing has been confirmed by the parties said to be involved as of yet, and all our sources are forum posts from random people, both in English and Chinese.

ZSMJ’s team, with Show, Ran, Li, and Ch, has joined VG club. The truth, as many had said, was that YaphetS’ team joining VG was ‘only for fun’ and not a serious thing — however, ZSMJ’s team joining VG is supposedly serious. Other Chinese forum-goers have suggested that the reason ZSMJ is joining VG is that recently, his previous sponsor cancelled their involvement.

Additionally, it is said that in June of this year, Perfect World will hold Chinese region qualifiers for the next International, and the prize pool for these qualifiers will be 80,000 USD.


The life and times of iG.YYF — Gamefy G-League Documentary [video]


iG’s YYF takes us home, talks about his past, and gives us all an intimate look into where he’s come from and the people that helped him on that path… really, really cool.

MAKE SURE YOUTUBE ANNOTATIONS ARE ON! Be sure to give the original at Youku a click too, for views!




Interview with new team RisingStars’ manager Cc (bonus, ZSMJ new team info inside)


Dotaland note: Last week, new team RisingStars announced their formation. This interview is pretty insightful into the process that went into building the new team RisingStars, and their manager Cc also reveals that former NA member Li has joined ZSMJ. This means that ZSMJ’s new roster is complete: ZSMJ, chisbug, show, ran, Li.

Anyway, give this interview a read, the rest of it is about new team RisingStars Gaming, and new teams are always worth learning a bit about!

Note that ZSMJ’s team does not have an announced name yet, and RisingStars is a different new team, this is their interview and in this interview they revealed the last confirmed member of ZSMJ’s new team, hence why it is all in one post!

Not long ago, former Noah’s Ark and DT^Club players AIR, SUPER, XDD, PrettyHaw, and Injuly came together to form new team RisingStars Gaming. Now, SGamer brings an interview with Rstars’ manager Cc, who talked with us about the new team.

SGamer (SG): Thanks for accepting our interview. Starting off, introduce yourself briefly for everyone.

RisingStars.Cc (Rstars.CC): Hello, hi everyone, I am the former manager of Noah’s Ark, current manager of Rstars, Cc.

SG: On Nov 28, 2012, Noah’s Ark fell into a state of dormancy, yet just before that they are part of a grand opening ceremony event for their sponsoring internet cafe. What caused this drastic downturn in the club’s fortunes?

Rstars.CC: Eh, to put simply it was a decision by the sponsors to postpone the club in favor of focusing on their internet cafe business development. At the time that was all I heard about the decision. As for why this decision was made, I’m sure the sponsors have their own considerations.

SG: What were the club’s members doing after this, then?

Rstars.CC: Before the announcement was released, the club had actually already been on pause for about a week. At the time the team had decided that they would still continue training, after all, both the Dota2 and LoL squads were still relatively new and needed training. And I would try my best to find new sponsors or investments.

SG: How did you find your current sponsors then?

Rstars.CC: Hm, it can be considered a coincidence. After announcing the club going on pause on our official Weibo, our current sponsors contacted us.

SG: Is the current sponsor stable? Any worries of repeating past scenarios?

Rstars.CC: Yeah, on this point we were very clear and direct from the beginning, and the sponsors have given me a great amount of confidence and support. From their words to their actions, it has been shown, so there won’t be any instability in terms of cashflow and management.

SG: Why isn’t the new team roster the same as old NA roster?

Rstars.CC: Mmm, after original NA went on hold, MOFI chose to go home and take a break, while LI went with ZSMJ’s new team. So that’s why they aren’t part of this new club.

SG: Why has the club chosen to not continue an LoL squad, and instead went with Warcraft 3?

Rstars.CC: LoL is because the club has formed at the end of a year, all the competitions have ended, so the plan is to start an LoL squad after the new year (Chinese New Year, that is). And Warcraft3, it has always been something in both our sponsor and my eyes as a familiar beginning, so as long as a scene exists for it, we will support it~

SG: What considerations were made in bringing MISS on as media liasion/commentator?

Rstars.CC: She’s got rich experience in media, exceptional work ability, and is quite well-known. Her professional attitude it also very important.

SG: In the ACE Alliance, will your new team take the place of NA, or will you have to re-apply?

Rstars.CC: We’ve taken NA’s old spot.

SG: Currently how is the team training, how is the training set up?

Rstars.CC: Training takes place from 1PM to 12AM. Right now most teams are on break. We’ve been practicing a lot with Luo’s new team (RattleSnake Gaming), ForLove, and ZSMJ’s new team, because they haven’t gone on break yet.

SG: What’s your win-loss like? iG hasn’t gone on break yet either, right?

Rstars.CC: We win some, lose some. iG probably hasn’t gone on break  yet, but they’ve been pretty busy with events lately.

SG: What are your near-term goals?

Rstars.CC: For the Dota2 team, it is to quickly train and work on teamwork, while in Warcraft3 it is to try and win current events. The overall club’s goals are to finish early set up work in a timely fashion, including planning for the upcoming LoL squad, settling management, etc.

SG: During the ACE-League, your team had been nicknamed “never all” in allusion to the fact that your roster kept changing, is there any possibility of changes to your current roster here?

Rstars.CC: Eh, I hope that no one will label us as the continuation or remake of Noah’s Ark or DT^Club. Even though past events may have people linking the two things, but this is an all-new, independent club. In terms of sponsorship and management, in terms of roster and methods, everything is different, it’s all new, so it shouldn’t be an issue. Stability is something that the club must achieve.

SG: Outside of training time, what do you guys do? Many pro players have messy schedules, are there any measures in place to handle that?

Rstars.CC: When there is no team training, we do personal training with watching replays, playing pubs, practicing laning. We’ve also made a rule, if they haven’t gotten out of bed by 1PM there will be a fine, and repeat offenses increase the fine exponentially. So they don’t go to bed too late.

SG: What meaning is there in the team name?

Rstars.CC: A rising star. It was thought up by our sponsor.

SG: In the end, one last sentence to cap off the interview.

Rstars.CC: We hope that everyone gives us their support. We’ve been through a lot, and the players haven’t made it here easily.

Former WE captain xiaoluo returning with a new team alongside LaNm, Kabu


During The Asia matches today, at intermission in the matchup between and MUFC, broadcaster Kent invited former WE team captain xiaoluo, and xiaoluo revealed this:

“We are forming a new team, right now there are 4 players, including me, Kabu, and LaNm.”

So now xiaoluo will be returning alongside LanM with a new team for Dota2, and in addition to ZSMJ’s new team, we will have two brand new forces to look forward to on the Dota scene!

Chisbug reveals a little more on ZSMJ’s new team… three confirmed members, sponsored by LGD as well?


Q: Hello, CH! Long time no see!

CH: Indeed, it truly has been quite a while.

Q: As ChuaN-god’s replacement for iG here at WCG, how do you feel?

CH: I think quite honored, after large-scale competitions like WCG aren’t many, and I’ve really been hungry for a return to the battlefield, to enjoy the rush brought about by competing.

Q: Yesterday, ZSMJ confirmed at the Perfect World Dota2 expo booth that he was returning to competitive Dota, can you talk about how your new team’s creation is coming along?

CH: Indeed, ZSMJ first contacted, and I was very glad to help him. Our goals are the same. Right now the team only has three players, [in addition to myself and ZSMJ], the other player currently is a Zhensan (Dotaland note: Zhensan is a Warcraft 3 mod similar to Dota, using Romance of the Three Kingdoms lore) player named Show. We’re currently searching for the other two players. The hope is to complete the team by the end of the year.

Q: Have you found sponsors for the new team?

CH: The team’s sponsor situation is exceptionally stable, the base will be in Tianjin. Currently the team name also has LGD in it, it will take the format of LGD.XXX (the specific details beyond this cannot be revealed yet)

Q: Speaking of, thinking back to originally when iG’s new roster excluded your name, what was the feeling like?

CH: To be honest, really sad and disappointed. The only thing I could do while sitting at home with nothing to do was to play a few pubs, at that time the ladder system had just debuted, I remember I was ranked top 10 or so.

Q: Well, we wish for you to continue your efforts and good luck in your career!

CH: Thank you, this is why I’ve come back!