Chinese Social Summary, Oct 17 — 31, 2013

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Put two weeks of stuff into this one. Alphabetical order, etc


Basketball 1v1: In response to Mushi, Black is eager to see who’s truly best in this sport…


Response to ACE’s loosening of match restrictions for Chinese teams: “This is music to the ears of all players and fans :D”


Regarding his drafts for iG of late: “My BPs have been a bit haphazard lately, lacking focus. Looks like it’s time to sort through my thoughts…”

Haitao (big-name Chinese caster)

Drama: TLDR — One of the suppliers for his Taobao shop was scamming by providing sub-par quality products, then when called out, ran with the money (100,000 RMB).


Language skills: “Just how can I improve on my Chinese?!”

LongDD’s response to iceiceice: “I teach you?”


A champion’s equipment: “This mouse that has accompanied me for two years, multiple championships, finally broke. Let’s commemorate it for a moment. And then it’s time for new gear to continue on in my fights!”


Reflections after 0-2 loss against TongFu: “After losing, I am very unhappy. It’s not that I cannot afford to lose, but that I feel I have failed. Bad drafts, bad performances. Right now we’re in a bit of a dip in form, but also must thank all the commiserations from so many people. We never give up! Time is what allows us to grow.”


Birthday gift (with pic): “Sansheng’s birthday gift to me, a name brand!”


Pub problems… (with pic): “:(”
Maybe not… (with pic): “Weathered the storm?”


On TongFu’s 2-0 over DK: “We caught DK off-guard today in our win over them, we picked a lineup that even we didn’t really understand in order to play a high pressure pushing strategy, the results ended up being excellent. But Chinese teams must be willing to try things, to fight, in order to become more flexible and creative. This way we can eventually contend against Western teams. This is only a beginning, we still need more hard work in order to catch up to those teams ahead of us.”
Fatigue: “Don’t want to sit in front of a computer all day any more! Professional players don’t have it easy, hope everyone can lend your support and encouragement.”

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2 thoughts on “Chinese Social Summary, Oct 17 — 31, 2013

  1. Speaking of iG, GosuGamers should present the foreign qualifiers of the current season of G-League (in which iG is auto-qualified). Speaking of the participants of these qualifiers, they are (sorted by country):
    Ukraine: Terrible Terrible Damage, TryHard[UKR]
    Belarus: ESFX|PowerRangers
    Russia: OslikGaming, WOND5 (W5), Cleave, V Temnote, GET BACK
    Kazakhstan: Ahead-gaming (, LeagueKz
    United States: She Looked Eighteen, UnNerve
    Luxembourg: PRO100PRODOTA
    Switzerland: Anito*
    Chile: Velocity E-Sports
    Canada: play zone, Vongola Family
    South Korea: Virtual Throne (VT)
    Philippines: MSI-Evolution Gaming Team (MSIEvoGT), AMD.Mineski.Razer, ArcanysDOTA2 (Arcanys)
    Indonesia: RitteR-ART, Affiliation
    Singapore: Armageddon.First Departure, Team Impervious, TOP5, ‘[L]ittle, Vengeance, Can’t Say Wips (CSW)

    Also in the Chinese qualifiers are DK,, Titan (Malaysian team), TongFu, Rstars, VG, HGT, and Rsnake.

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