[fluff] Chinese players argue about Dota vs LoL, too

Original: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1887224159?pn=1

Just some quick translations of a random thread where Chinese players discuss amongst each other the relative merits of a few games in the same genre as Dota. Insults, arguments, general internet drudgery, and some insight ahead! It’s ugly, it’s fluff, so don’t get too invested.

Update: The original Chinese thread has been deleted, after reaching hilarious levels of mudslinging and not-so-politically-correct insults.

  • 如 了个花: Recently it’s been as if Dota and Dota2 must compete with each other, but they’re both IceFrog’s work, he isn’t really going to work against himself? IceFrog’s work on Dota2 is for the goal of continuing Dota, not to defeat Dota1. After Dota2 goes live, its main competitors/enemies will be imitation online games such as LoL, and those vendors that ride on Dota’s name while speaking ill of Dota itself.
  • savezed: Ugh… enemy… not even worth the mention
  • dmj19890815: OP do you really think LoL is worthy of being Dota2’s competitor?
  • 如了个花: Worthy or not, they’ll both be competing for the same market in the future
  • ESmIngxx: Hehe, LoL currently is the world’s most played online game, more than CoD, Diablo 3, WoW, Aion, etc… still think it’s not worthy?
  • dmj19890815: Who cares about having the most numbers, what then? Still doesn’t change the fact that it’s a braindead game played by children, having the most players for that is a good thing? In the past during Warcraft 3’s peak, online numbers were nothing special, does that say Warcraft 3 was trash?
  • 白痴狼: OP is a dumbass etc
  • 赫 拉重甲: The enemy isn’t LoL, it is those that used Dota to establish themselves yet come back and insult and disrespect Dota, such as Tencent (owner of Riot Games)
  • 克人克己: In these forums there’s a saying “Whether a game is popular or not has fuck all to do with me”, this is suitable for any game sub-forum here with more than 2000 daily users
  • DOTAⅡ: Speaking of the Chinese scene, Dota2 vs LoL is about equivalent with Dota2 vs Dota1. Some people stubbornly “stay loyal” to Dota1, they’re hard to comprehend
  • lsqw47: To be honest, Tencent is the true enemy of the people here
  • 疯 狂大兵1号: Tencent’s biggest hope is to see Dota1 players refuse to play Dota2. I’ve said it before, for Tencent and LoL, Dota1 is not scary at all, because it is too old, and apart from in China and places like the Philippines, no one is playing it anymore (it’s in its last years). On the other hand, Dota2 is competing with LoL in terms of game engine, graphics, etc, and at the same time has an excellent developer behind it, therefore Dota2 vs LoL is the true matchup.
  • 狼族饭盒: Dota2’s engine and graphics completely defeat LoL’s, okay?
  • 萌 萌D小娜迦: Why does it feel like the biggest enemy right now is still those stubbornly arrogant Dota1 players on their high horses going on about their so-called classic game?
  • 孤岛危机德鲁伊: What are you Dota dogs saying? LoL is not worthy?? I think the Dota dogs have it backwards [posts a screenshot of Xfire game ranks with LoL at top]
    • 北城秋: I fucked your mom’s pussy
    • 格古德: A real live retard
      • 孤岛危机德鲁伊: Dota players are less than dogs
        • 格古德: Don’t embarrass yourself here. Handicapped. Braindead. Dog. Go play your handicapped game.
  • wraith_tc: You agree that LoL is just a casual online game, Dota2 is a competitive game
  • zlivvy: Dota2… since when did it have enemies..
  • skgodson: Enemies my arse, I play all three. Who cares what others say. I have classmates playing Dota1 on 11, some play LoL, and even though in the dorms I’m the only one currently playing Dota2, is there really any point in going back and forth at each other over this? Playing games is for fun and enjoyment, what use is doing this and finding things to argue about with people just for playing different games?
  • gintokialex: These dumb fucking threads about Dota enemies or not don’t get deleted?
  • gqxgqx: Dota and Dota2 I both play. LoL is a braindead game so forget that
  • tongyulong168: OP is braindead, analysis complete. Games are games, competing is for the game companies to worry about. Play whatever is fun.
  • 沙王: LoL’s quality is just as its name suggests, only enough to give you a laugh

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