G-League interview with LGD.int’s God

Original: http://gleague.gamefy.cn/view_28098.html

Gamefy: In the first game against TongFu, your team used a dual-core strat with Luna and Naix, what are the reasons for using this often recently?

G: These two heroes are both good in lane. At the same time, in order to counter Naix the opponent must use Ghost Scepters, and once they do that, then Luna’s ult destroys.

Gamefy: In the second game, around two minutes in, your team got a kill on the courier. At that point did you feel you had a big early advantage?

G: Yes, killing the courier early on is a huge help to your own team, plus you get a lot of gold. It caused the early game to be very easy, it was perfect.

Gamefy: 18 minutes in, Tinker died to a wave from TongFu’s KotL, what was that about?

G: Because Brax too noob, so he died to such a thing.

Gamefy: At 2-0 up against TongFu, do you have confidence in sending them home tomorrow?

G: Of course, TongFu can only lose once, whereas we have three games, so I believe we can definitely send them home.




G-League interview with xiao8 after LGD vs ForLove

Original: http://gleague.gamefy.cn/view_27998.html

Dotaland note: Short interview. Xiao8 talks about their win over ForLove, and makes a prediction for their upcoming match against DK.

Gamefy: First off, congratulations to LGD for winning this match. Director-8 go ahead and say hi to our viewers.

xiao8: Hello everyone, I am LGD’s xiao8, Ning Zhang (张宁)

Gamefy: In your first match the day before yesterday, LGD.cn lost to LGD.int, which could be described as falling into a hole in terms of your advancement from the group. Then your first game in your match against ForLove, you also lost. What were your emotions like immediately at that time?

xiao8: Personally I felt quite conflicted and anxious inside, but each of us managed to make the needed adjustments for ourselves, and played better in the following games. Our discussion and the changes we made after the first game were quite positive.

Gamefy: After the first game, your entire team went out for a brief team discussion, what did you guys talk about?

xiao8: First summarized the causes for our loss in game one, including individual mistakes. And then we talked a bit about our bans and picks for the next game.

Gamefy: Opening the second game,  your team’s early game also didn’t go very smoothly. What were the adjustments you made in game to break out of this disadvantage?

xiao8: Actually, in terms of laning we had the advantage in all three lanes, the only thing we were behind in was kills. Their roster leaned towards teamfighting, while ours was more focused on later game. In mid-game after we had an item advantage, we grouped up for teamfights, and gradually leveraged that advantage to get more ahead.

Gamefy: In the third game, ForLove last-picked Lich. As their opponents at the time, can you analyze for us why they made this pick?

xiao8: Because they felt that with me on Enigma, once I got BKB for my ult, they wouldn’t have much to deal with that. Picking Lich allows them to eat and deny creeps during laning, but the biggest thing was that Lich can interrupt Enigma’s ult.

Gamefy: Some fans and forumgoers have expressed worry over your bans and picks, what is your view?

xiao8: Every roster has its own strengths, so as long as one is able to execute to those strengths, it is possible to achieve good results! The only thing is seeing what kind of roster fits which team.

Gamefy: Even though you won this match, it feels like you’re still at the edge of a cliff. You’re set to face DK in a few days, how will you approach that?

xiao8: I think it’s a 50/50 matchup. We will analyze their playing style and try to devise a strategy for beating them.

Gamefy: Thank you xiao8 for the interview.



Interview with DK.Super after DK’s G-League win over LGD.int

Original: http://gleague.gamefy.cn/view_28020.html

Dotaland note: Super talks about their win over LGD.int, the Beastmaster axe courier kill, etc. Small interview.

Q: After winning against LGD.int, it can be said that everyone is back to the same starting point in group A. Yet, DK’s performance still had everyone anxious. Talk a bit about the loss in your first game against LGD.int?

Super: I feel like our roster had been countered by theirs, plus we didn’t manage their strengths and tactics well, and let their Chen really shine, especially in his ganking of two lanes early on. We pretty much didn’t win any teamfights in the beginning.

Q: After losing the first game, what changes did you guys make?

Super: We summarized the reasons behind our loss, and made big changes to our bans and picks in the next game, which allowed us to successfully take it.

Q: In the second game, you used Beastmaster’s axes and killed the other side’s courier. Viewers expressed surprise at this; what did you think of it at the time?

Super: When my axes killed the courier, I knew that I had achieved a significant advantage in my lane. Also, this has happened in our training many times before (laughs).

Q: So Beastmaster’s axes being able to kill the courier was something that you learned from training?

Super: Indeed, so I was able to use this in a real game.

Q: Next match is a life or death fight for you guys, and your opponent will be LGD.cn. What do you believe will be key points to focus on?

Super: LGD.cn is an extremely strong team. We both understand each other’s style, so winning will be determined by execution at the time of the match.

Q: Although DK hasn’t had the best of form lately, still many fans support you. Anything you wish to say to these fans?

Super: Hope everyone will continue supporting DK, I believe that we will still make it out of the group.



Dotaland weekly recap: Dec 12 — Dec 18, 2012

TongFu’s courier attracted a lot of chatter this week. Dota2 beta in China rumored to be coming next month, with full release along with full localization for China coming later in 2013. BurNIng immortalized in WC3 Dota, and last but definitely not least worthy of attention, the reflections of a G-1 admin on 2012’s first Chinese Dota2 competition.

Dec 12

TongFu team courier approaching

It’s a turtle! With a TongFu sponsor product on its back!

Dec 13

Full speech localization for Dota2 in China

Including over 80 lines from Kunkka to Tidehunter to be voiced over for Chinese fans to enjoy, too

Dec 14

Reflections of a G-1 League admin on the offline finals

From set up,  to event atmosphere, and ending thank yous… an inside look at the G-1 2012 offline finals for Dota2

Dec 16

Dota2 at Digichina Expo with Perfect World, beta to come in January?

And rumors of official public release in China in quarter 3, 2013?

Dec 18

BurNIng immortalized in Dota1 Anti-mage

Reportedly a 1 in 7 chance for Anti-mage to spawn with the name ‘BurNIng’ in WC3 Dota

Dotaland brings official English subtitled version of the G-1 Theme Song, “My First Person View”, performed by the likes of xiao8, BurNing, Zhou, and more!

Created by 17173, this is the G-1 League 2012 Dota2 competition’s official theme song, performed by pro Dota2 players themselves. The lyrics touch on dreams and fulfillment, triumphs and tribulation, and there is some clever wordplay too. A little bit cheesy? Maybe, but it’s also full of passion… Big thanks to Felix菜刀刃 for the opportunity to work on this, and huge props to the production and energy that obviously went into creating this!

Check it out below!

The Tudou.com hosted version can be found here: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/BkyvtmFqgho/

The Asia 2012 taking place Dec 22-23 in Kuala Lumpur — LGD only Chinese team

Original: http://dota2.sgamer.com/news/201212/148319.html

The Asia Dota2 competition is set to take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia between December 22-23. This can be described as the largest tournament encompassing the entire Asian Dota scene, and will include 11 teams from all over Asia. The competition will be split into two groups. The preliminary stages will use a Round robin best of 1 format, while the later elimnation stages on the second day will use a Best of 3 elimination format.

Interestingly, LGD will be the single Chinese team present. No LGD.int, no iG, no DK, etc.

Prize pool: 15000 USD for winners, 9000 USD runners up, 6000 USD 3rd place

Group A: LGD (China), Elunes (India), MUFC (Malaysia), Revival (Brunei), 1st.VN (Vietname), Natural 9 (Australia)

Group B: Zenith (Singapore), Joenet (Indonesia), Orange (Malaysia), Pagibig.TnC (Philippines), MITH-Trust (Thailand)

EHOME.71 retires, leaving all to wonder about EHOME

Dotaland note: News from a few days ago.

Original: http://dota.replays.net/news/page/20121123/1750980.html

Since TI2, EHOME has fallen apart again, with PCT leaving, 357 and Dai going to DK, KingJ backing out, and LanM saying he might retire. And in EHOME’s other sections, Warcraft 3 player ReMinD has announced he will leave gaming next year to fulfill his S.Korean military service, and the LoL team no longer exists. So it can be said that, EHOME.71 being the only one left meant that he was a general without an army.

And now, EHOME’s 71 has formally announced on his Weibo that he is leaving the esports scene, and thus EHOME is left with absolutely no one. Looking at various signs, everything hints that this once-glorious Dota juggernaut might be headed towards it demise; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust…