Perfect World 1M RMB tournament announce upcoming, Chinese beta still waiting…


After previous news reported that Perfect World and Gamefy had partnered up for a 1 million RMB prize Dota2 tournament later this year, we now learn that Perfect World is poised to officially announce details of the tournament later this month.

According to the SGamer source, the tournament will take place during May through June of this year, with the entirety of it being held locally in Shanghai. Ten teams will be invited and compete in a round-robin points-based format, with the ten teams to be announced!

The official announcement will come on Friday, April 19, at a press conference in Beijing.

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According to this bit, the Chinese Dota 2 beta, which had previously been rumored to be making its debut in April, will inevitably be delayed further. The source reports that, in the words of an insider with access to information on the Chinese Dota 2 beta, the development of the Chinese game client has been delayed on the developers’ side — which we speculate to mean Valve. Either way, the actual Chinese game client has seen delays, and thus, the Chinese beta has been delayed as well.

Dota players in China are growing restless, however, and just how much longer this Chinese beta needs remains to be seen… But with the million RMB Perfect World tournament coming next month, it makes all the sense in the world to allow Chinese fans to watch the tournament and play the game at the same time. Let’s hope we see some real progress in the Chinese Dota 2 market soon.

Official Chinese Dota 2 portal site and forums ramping up with events


Wondering what our Chinese Dota friends have been up to? How their community has been growing and evolving? Here’s a snippet…

In this thread, they are sending out a call for talented and passionate community contributors — artists, writers, video-makers. Ostensibly the goal is to gather a large group of fans that are also contributors, with beta keys and more unannounced perks as incentives…

This has been a part of the official Dota 2 Chinese site ramping up lately, in preparation for the rumored April launch of the first wave of closed beta invites for the Perfect World Dota 2 servers. In fact, the official Dota 2 Chinese forums are lively and active, and promise to only explode in popularity in the next few months.

Chinese Dota 2 server test to come Apr 15?


Gamefy commentator Haitao, during a live case of an event recently, accidentally revealed that the Chinese servers, by Perfect World, for Dota 2 would be making their debut on April 15. As for how accurate this information is, that remains to be seen, but as a big-name commentator at Gamefy, surely his words hold some value. Regardless of whether April 15 is the actual date, the servers must be coming soon anyway! According to widespread rumors online, the servers will be coming in April, so this information seems to be at least somewhat reliable.

Apart from that, another somewhat worrying bit of information has reached us — that is, once the Perfect World Dota 2 servers are up, Steam will begin blocking all mainland Chinese IP addresses! If this is for real, then many Chinese players might lose access to Dota 2 entirely, as the Perfect World beta is very limited and many who have Dota 2 on Steam will not immediately have access to Perfect World’s Dota 2. Nonetheless, our editors here at SGamer believe that it isn’t quite possible for Steam to block all access to its platform, and rather, it will simply block access to Dota 2… if this is the case, then Perfect World faces the problems of ensuring that all current Chinese Dota 2 players on Steam get access and get to keep their purchases, cosmetics, etc.

Anyway, all speculation aside, let us await the approaching Perfect World Dota 2 servers, and see for ourselves the truth behind all these rumors!



Perfect World’s Dota 2 team making moves

Dotaland note: Just a small update on what Perfect World’s been up to, and how their internal organization is shaking out in relation to the upcoming Dota 2 launch in China.


Inside sources reveal that Perfect World’s Dota 2 project team have recently moved from Shanghai back to Beijing, and are currently still in the process of building the team.

Perfect World has been hiring and recruiting for their Dota 2 team, looking for people in roles such as localization, data and player feedback management, event planning, etc. These three roles line up respectively with needs in launch prep, maintenance, and promotion. The new Dota 2 team will be placed under Perfect World’s newly created esports product center, with former Haofang (Haofang is a big third party matchmaking/multiplayer platform, like 11 or Garena) Online Services General Manager Cai Wei in charge. Additionally, inside sources claim that this newly created esports product center itself will be under the direct leadership of Perfect World CEO Robert Hong Xiao.


Perfect World and Gamefy announce partnership, million-yuan Dota2 league


Today, Perfect World and Gamefy held a press conference to announce an official partnership between the two organizations. SGamer’s reporters on scene have reported back that as a result of this partnership, there will be a world-class Dota2 league, with a prize pool reaching one million yuan (equivalent to 160,000 USD). Clearly this partnership signals a new chapter in the rise of Dota2 in China, and the creation of a top-tier competitive Dota2 league belonging to China!

See more images from the press conference here.

[rumors] ZSMJ’s team joins VG? Perfect World holding International qualifiers in June?


Dotaland note: Nothing has been confirmed by the parties said to be involved as of yet, and all our sources are forum posts from random people, both in English and Chinese.

ZSMJ’s team, with Show, Ran, Li, and Ch, has joined VG club. The truth, as many had said, was that YaphetS’ team joining VG was ‘only for fun’ and not a serious thing — however, ZSMJ’s team joining VG is supposedly serious. Other Chinese forum-goers have suggested that the reason ZSMJ is joining VG is that recently, his previous sponsor cancelled their involvement.

Additionally, it is said that in June of this year, Perfect World will hold Chinese region qualifiers for the next International, and the prize pool for these qualifiers will be 80,000 USD.


Players can now find out whether they’ve been accepted to the Chinese Dota2 beta…

Going to the query page provided by Perfect World, and entering the email addressed used to sign up now allows players to check if they’ve been accepted in the first two waves of beta invites going out. Beta invite waves are currently in the third wave (note that no actual invites have gone out, but being able to check status means it is close and will probably come on schedule in March). Know any Dota players in China? Let them know; if they haven’t signed up yet, refer them here, the more the merrier!


Official Dota2 Chinese portal site is live

Up since yesterday, the official Dota2 Chinese site, run by Perfect World, is now online. From top to left on the tabs, its sections are home, news, heroes, items, competitions, vods, wallpapers, comic, and forums. The forums are official discussion forums, with general discussion, announcement forums, and a forum for customer support, and one for suggestions. The ‘comic’ is a decently translated version of the comic Valve put out for Dota2, “Are We Heroes Yet?”

Below that, on the row with four tabs, are links for getting into the Chinese server, and a currently idle link for activation of the eventual beta codes. Sign ups for beta are currently on-going for the second wave (first wave ended a few weeks ago), so if you have friends in China, be sure to let them know, as the beta will be coming in March!

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Perfect World confirms Chinese Dota2 server beta coming in March


At the Perfect World annual company party, it has been confirmed that the Chinese servers for Dota2 will debut in a limited beta fashion in March of this year.

Additionally, audio work is mostly complete, with only a small portion being in need of redoing… lastly, it was also mentioned that they are indeed making some compromises for the visual effects in order to more quickly get the game approved and ready to go live on servers.



Dota2 localization (somewhat predictably) meets further problems in China


After supposed issues with the voice work for Chinese Dota2 thus far, we have another, perhaps more predictable problem potentially on our hands…

After we entered 2013, rumors and leaks from various sources have all pointed towards a March debut of Perfect World Dota2 servers in China. And, two waves of beta codes sent out from Perfect World also hint at this.

However, now the longstanding practice of ‘harmonization’ of Western games for the Chinese market has now come to rest its shadow upon Dota2 in China — it has been revealed that, due to the game’s content being deemed overly violent and bloody, it has stalled in the Chinese censor approval process, and thus it remains uncertain whether this will delay the debut of Dota2 Chinese servers.

above: Steam chat suggesting that Skeleton King will be one to be ‘harmonized’, as his current model has no flesh, and thus violates the government’s ban of depicting skeletons in media

And in reality, there have been quite a few big-name Western games that met varying degrees of censorship after coming to China, such as the famous World of Warcraft changing its skeletons to much ‘meatier’ models, so here are our guesses for Dota2’s changes before it can go live in China:

1. Skeletons ‘harmonized’ — Skeleton King, Clinkz, etc
2. Names ‘harmonized’ — various hero names
3. Blood color changed — change the color of blood splashes, for example Phantom Assassin’s effect
4. Icons altered — seems like there are many places for this in Dota2

So if this news is true, then it looks like Dota2’s eventual debut in China may be a bumpy ride. And what will Dota2 look like after it undergoes these changes, will players still identify with it? We can only wait and see.

Dotaland note: Heroes such as Undying are unlikely to get through unscathed either, as zombies are also taboo territory. Online reactions from fans to all this have been overwhelmingly negative, with widespread criticism of this practice, which is by now standard in China, yet widely hated. Comments of “our taxes go to waste on such bullshit”, “harmonize my ass”, etc.