Reddit user denunciator chronicles stars of the past: 820, 2009

Written and researched by reddit user denunciator, this deserves more views! Very informative, and great writing style too. Click the links below to see the main reddit posts, definitely worth it!

The Raven’s Vengeance: EH.820

GL was one of the earlier teams in the history of Chinese DotA; then, everyone was unknown, everyone played on the same ground. Even then, though, 820 was already known as somewhat of a talent. With team GL, they took the qualifiers of the first LAN even there, CPL, by storm. Proud, arrogant, GL expected their road to be easy.

It wasn’t. Kicked down in the semifinals by HUST, a relatively new team, GL went into the losers finals – a nobody position for such a stellar team. Shaken by the loss, 820 learned the value of respect and stability.


A genius in his time: FTD.2009

09’s story started somewhat differently than most competitive players; in fact, he was a perfectly ordinary teenager. At least, ordinary by his standards – in 2005, he graduated from a top highschool and entered Zhejiang’s Biomedical stream with flying colors. Just like pupils of his age, studies became a past-time; love and gaming came first. To impress his girlfriend, he took up O2Jam; it was only after his breakup that his DotA career took flight.





ZSMJ’s new team roster complete

With this interview, where RisingStars manager Cc mentioned former Noah’s Ark player Li had gone to join ZSMJ, we now have the complete roster of ZSMJ’s new team confirmed in words/writing for the first time.

It is:


And those that have been paying attention will notice that ZSMJ has been playing with this team in Dota2 pub matches for a few weeks now.

Interview with new team RisingStars’ manager Cc (bonus, ZSMJ new team info inside)


Dotaland note: Last week, new team RisingStars announced their formation. This interview is pretty insightful into the process that went into building the new team RisingStars, and their manager Cc also reveals that former NA member Li has joined ZSMJ. This means that ZSMJ’s new roster is complete: ZSMJ, chisbug, show, ran, Li.

Anyway, give this interview a read, the rest of it is about new team RisingStars Gaming, and new teams are always worth learning a bit about!

Note that ZSMJ’s team does not have an announced name yet, and RisingStars is a different new team, this is their interview and in this interview they revealed the last confirmed member of ZSMJ’s new team, hence why it is all in one post!

Not long ago, former Noah’s Ark and DT^Club players AIR, SUPER, XDD, PrettyHaw, and Injuly came together to form new team RisingStars Gaming. Now, SGamer brings an interview with Rstars’ manager Cc, who talked with us about the new team.

SGamer (SG): Thanks for accepting our interview. Starting off, introduce yourself briefly for everyone.

RisingStars.Cc (Rstars.CC): Hello, hi everyone, I am the former manager of Noah’s Ark, current manager of Rstars, Cc.

SG: On Nov 28, 2012, Noah’s Ark fell into a state of dormancy, yet just before that they are part of a grand opening ceremony event for their sponsoring internet cafe. What caused this drastic downturn in the club’s fortunes?

Rstars.CC: Eh, to put simply it was a decision by the sponsors to postpone the club in favor of focusing on their internet cafe business development. At the time that was all I heard about the decision. As for why this decision was made, I’m sure the sponsors have their own considerations.

SG: What were the club’s members doing after this, then?

Rstars.CC: Before the announcement was released, the club had actually already been on pause for about a week. At the time the team had decided that they would still continue training, after all, both the Dota2 and LoL squads were still relatively new and needed training. And I would try my best to find new sponsors or investments.

SG: How did you find your current sponsors then?

Rstars.CC: Hm, it can be considered a coincidence. After announcing the club going on pause on our official Weibo, our current sponsors contacted us.

SG: Is the current sponsor stable? Any worries of repeating past scenarios?

Rstars.CC: Yeah, on this point we were very clear and direct from the beginning, and the sponsors have given me a great amount of confidence and support. From their words to their actions, it has been shown, so there won’t be any instability in terms of cashflow and management.

SG: Why isn’t the new team roster the same as old NA roster?

Rstars.CC: Mmm, after original NA went on hold, MOFI chose to go home and take a break, while LI went with ZSMJ’s new team. So that’s why they aren’t part of this new club.

SG: Why has the club chosen to not continue an LoL squad, and instead went with Warcraft 3?

Rstars.CC: LoL is because the club has formed at the end of a year, all the competitions have ended, so the plan is to start an LoL squad after the new year (Chinese New Year, that is). And Warcraft3, it has always been something in both our sponsor and my eyes as a familiar beginning, so as long as a scene exists for it, we will support it~

SG: What considerations were made in bringing MISS on as media liasion/commentator?

Rstars.CC: She’s got rich experience in media, exceptional work ability, and is quite well-known. Her professional attitude it also very important.

SG: In the ACE Alliance, will your new team take the place of NA, or will you have to re-apply?

Rstars.CC: We’ve taken NA’s old spot.

SG: Currently how is the team training, how is the training set up?

Rstars.CC: Training takes place from 1PM to 12AM. Right now most teams are on break. We’ve been practicing a lot with Luo’s new team (RattleSnake Gaming), ForLove, and ZSMJ’s new team, because they haven’t gone on break yet.

SG: What’s your win-loss like? iG hasn’t gone on break yet either, right?

Rstars.CC: We win some, lose some. iG probably hasn’t gone on break  yet, but they’ve been pretty busy with events lately.

SG: What are your near-term goals?

Rstars.CC: For the Dota2 team, it is to quickly train and work on teamwork, while in Warcraft3 it is to try and win current events. The overall club’s goals are to finish early set up work in a timely fashion, including planning for the upcoming LoL squad, settling management, etc.

SG: During the ACE-League, your team had been nicknamed “never all” in allusion to the fact that your roster kept changing, is there any possibility of changes to your current roster here?

Rstars.CC: Eh, I hope that no one will label us as the continuation or remake of Noah’s Ark or DT^Club. Even though past events may have people linking the two things, but this is an all-new, independent club. In terms of sponsorship and management, in terms of roster and methods, everything is different, it’s all new, so it shouldn’t be an issue. Stability is something that the club must achieve.

SG: Outside of training time, what do you guys do? Many pro players have messy schedules, are there any measures in place to handle that?

Rstars.CC: When there is no team training, we do personal training with watching replays, playing pubs, practicing laning. We’ve also made a rule, if they haven’t gotten out of bed by 1PM there will be a fine, and repeat offenses increase the fine exponentially. So they don’t go to bed too late.

SG: What meaning is there in the team name?

Rstars.CC: A rising star. It was thought up by our sponsor.

SG: In the end, one last sentence to cap off the interview.

Rstars.CC: We hope that everyone gives us their support. We’ve been through a lot, and the players haven’t made it here easily.

[fluff] iG members pay the price to play with pop superstar JJ Lin

As reported last year, Dota2 has quite a few celebrity fans, one of whom is the Mandarin-language pop superstar JJ Lin (not to be confused with NBA star Jeremy Lin, who also plays Dota2). Recently, he’s been grouping with iG members. Today, a group of two iG members, Mr Lin plus his friend, along with commentator Beat_kid, appeared in ‘very high’ bracket matchmaking…

JJ Lin’s ID is [S.M.G]***Dark Knight, and he took his two International 2 champion teammates down with him as his Clockwerk went 1-14-5. What did he have to say for himself?

“don’t know how to play”

So, even the biggest names have things they aren’t so great at! 😛

This bit of fluff is not meant to be serious, please take all in good humor.

screenshots from:



Perfect World confirms Chinese Dota2 server beta coming in March


At the Perfect World annual company party, it has been confirmed that the Chinese servers for Dota2 will debut in a limited beta fashion in March of this year.

Additionally, audio work is mostly complete, with only a small portion being in need of redoing… lastly, it was also mentioned that they are indeed making some compromises for the visual effects in order to more quickly get the game approved and ready to go live on servers.



LanM returns: RattleSnake Gaming established, with Kabu, Luo, and co


Dotaland note: Not to be confused with RisingStars, the other ‘RS’ new team announced this week.

Following various competitions all switching over to Dota2, and after ZSMJ announced his forming of a new team, we have another new team on the scene. Xiaoluo (aka Luo), along with former WE teammate Icy, plus Kabu and LanM of former EHOME, with a newcomer in FAN, have formed an all-new Dota team: Rattlesnake Gaming.Dota2 (tag RS.Dota2). Their sponsor is a software development company by the name of 响尾蛇 (Rattlesnake — not sure if this is Razer or some domestic Chinese company), and other squads in the club are planned as well.

RattleSnake-Gaming esports club has completed their roster recently, management includes former LEO team manager 张政 (Zhang Zheng) who is now the team lead for Rattlesnake, as well as Yin Long (ID: Intel) as Dota2 specific manager, and media liason 西瓦幽鬼 (Xiwayougui, Dota2 commentator).





Dota2 localization (somewhat predictably) meets further problems in China


After supposed issues with the voice work for Chinese Dota2 thus far, we have another, perhaps more predictable problem potentially on our hands…

After we entered 2013, rumors and leaks from various sources have all pointed towards a March debut of Perfect World Dota2 servers in China. And, two waves of beta codes sent out from Perfect World also hint at this.

However, now the longstanding practice of ‘harmonization’ of Western games for the Chinese market has now come to rest its shadow upon Dota2 in China — it has been revealed that, due to the game’s content being deemed overly violent and bloody, it has stalled in the Chinese censor approval process, and thus it remains uncertain whether this will delay the debut of Dota2 Chinese servers.

above: Steam chat suggesting that Skeleton King will be one to be ‘harmonized’, as his current model has no flesh, and thus violates the government’s ban of depicting skeletons in media

And in reality, there have been quite a few big-name Western games that met varying degrees of censorship after coming to China, such as the famous World of Warcraft changing its skeletons to much ‘meatier’ models, so here are our guesses for Dota2’s changes before it can go live in China:

1. Skeletons ‘harmonized’ — Skeleton King, Clinkz, etc
2. Names ‘harmonized’ — various hero names
3. Blood color changed — change the color of blood splashes, for example Phantom Assassin’s effect
4. Icons altered — seems like there are many places for this in Dota2

So if this news is true, then it looks like Dota2’s eventual debut in China may be a bumpy ride. And what will Dota2 look like after it undergoes these changes, will players still identify with it? We can only wait and see.

Dotaland note: Heroes such as Undying are unlikely to get through unscathed either, as zombies are also taboo territory. Online reactions from fans to all this have been overwhelmingly negative, with widespread criticism of this practice, which is by now standard in China, yet widely hated. Comments of “our taxes go to waste on such bullshit”, “harmonize my ass”, etc.