Mushi searching for a Chinese team


This has been revealed to be an April Fools’ by Kent, but nonetheless, it had our wheels churning thinking about where Mushi might go if he were to move to China…

No huge news post or anything, just a tidbit about Mushi…

In a post on weibo (t.qq), Chinese commentator Kent revealed that Mushi wants to move to China to play, and if any team is interested, to please contact him. What does this mean for Orange? Will a Chinese team in need of a flashy and obviously talented solo mid player pick Mushi up?

Chinese Dota 2 server test to come Apr 15?


Gamefy commentator Haitao, during a live case of an event recently, accidentally revealed that the Chinese servers, by Perfect World, for Dota 2 would be making their debut on April 15. As for how accurate this information is, that remains to be seen, but as a big-name commentator at Gamefy, surely his words hold some value. Regardless of whether April 15 is the actual date, the servers must be coming soon anyway! According to widespread rumors online, the servers will be coming in April, so this information seems to be at least somewhat reliable.

Apart from that, another somewhat worrying bit of information has reached us — that is, once the Perfect World Dota 2 servers are up, Steam will begin blocking all mainland Chinese IP addresses! If this is for real, then many Chinese players might lose access to Dota 2 entirely, as the Perfect World beta is very limited and many who have Dota 2 on Steam will not immediately have access to Perfect World’s Dota 2. Nonetheless, our editors here at SGamer believe that it isn’t quite possible for Steam to block all access to its platform, and rather, it will simply block access to Dota 2… if this is the case, then Perfect World faces the problems of ensuring that all current Chinese Dota 2 players on Steam get access and get to keep their purchases, cosmetics, etc.

Anyway, all speculation aside, let us await the approaching Perfect World Dota 2 servers, and see for ourselves the truth behind all these rumors!



[rumors] ZSMJ’s team joins VG? Perfect World holding International qualifiers in June?


Dotaland note: Nothing has been confirmed by the parties said to be involved as of yet, and all our sources are forum posts from random people, both in English and Chinese.

ZSMJ’s team, with Show, Ran, Li, and Ch, has joined VG club. The truth, as many had said, was that YaphetS’ team joining VG was ‘only for fun’ and not a serious thing — however, ZSMJ’s team joining VG is supposedly serious. Other Chinese forum-goers have suggested that the reason ZSMJ is joining VG is that recently, his previous sponsor cancelled their involvement.

Additionally, it is said that in June of this year, Perfect World will hold Chinese region qualifiers for the next International, and the prize pool for these qualifiers will be 80,000 USD.


Perfect World internal document suggests March for Chinese server beta?


A document that Sgamer has confirmed indeed came from Perfect World internal announcement announces a company-wide pre-beta tournament for employees, with the tournament itself ending on March 21, 2013. Sgamer theorizes that this is a tournament to both help employees become familiar with Dota2, and to run some early tests of the servers themselves, with the Chinese server beta to go live shortly after this date.

The document also recommends employees to form teams based on existing work units as opposed to recruiting freely, so as to avoid poaching good Dota players from each other and causing internal strife.


ZSMJ returning with an all-new team, alongside chisbug, 820, and more?


In the G-1 League match between TongFu and Flash, Chinese commentator 2009 revealed that ZSMJ is currently putting together a new team. The former supporters of LGD have devoted an amount of money to 830GOD, the goal being to create a new team. Involved are ZSMJ, Chisbug, and in addition they are trying to recruit 820, though he hasn’t shown much interest, so they’re also currently in contact with WE’s Jiejie and WE captain Luo. They’ve already been practicing together (video linkDire team is Chisbug, 830GOD, ZSMJ, Jiejie, and Luo from top down), and ZSMJ’s Steam account confirms, with over 111 hours in the past two weeks on Dota2. Added to all the previous rumors, we have reason to believe that the news of ZSMJ making a comeback to be true.

Perfect World insiders reveal more about Chinese partnership for Dota2


Dotaland note: First reported on and translated in early September here:

After The International 2 in Seattle, Dota2 let itself become known by many more fans, with everyone wishing to join in on the beta. But to do so requires access to a beta key, and in addition to issues with lag between regional servers, this meant that many Chinese players have been denied access to playing Dota2, so more and more players have been hoping for Dota2 to officially go into public open beta in China.

According to information gained today, Perfect World has confirmed their role as Valve’s official Chinese partner in promoting and running Dota2 in China. However, there are no specific details as of now, and all we can confirm is that Perfect World will be responsible for at least the entirety of Mainland China, and that they have established an operational headquarter in Shanghai. As a result, we believe that open beta for Dota2 in China is only a matter of time now.

In order to find the most suitable partner for Dota2 in China, Valve has sent many high level executives over the past few months to China, and ultimately decided upon Perfect World as the exclusive partner.

This is not the first time Perfect World has worked with Valve; not long ago Perfect World’s North American section published their FPS Blacklight: Retribution under Valve’s Steam platform (dotaland note: Torchlight series is also by a Perfect World owned developer and is also on Steam). The arrival of heavyweight title Dota2 in this context means that this is the start of an even bigger cooperation between Valve and Perfect World.

LGD International team truly taking shape?

Dotaland note: After various rumors floating around on reddit and on Chinese sites, figured I’d put something up. What could LGD be doing? Are they really forming an international squad to go with their dominant Chinese squad?


LGD’s DDC has appeared in the Dota2 interface for

Additionally, Misery and Pajkatt have appeared as well, and in addition to rumors of God joining, it is perhaps true that LGD is forming an international squad. The fact that their manager RuRu’s name appears in both these screenshots must mean something — even though she had previously announced that LGD would make no changes to existing players, that does not rule out the possibility of forming a whole new squad in addition.

Legendary captain 820 to make a comeback as manager/coach and help EHOME rebuild?


Earlier, Replays.Net reported on the various pieces of upheaval surrounding EHOME (357 and Dai joining DK, KingJ leaving the club, LanM thinking about retirement).

But now, EHOME’s former captain, 820, has revealed in a video of his that he has been in contact with EHOME with regards to him coming back to lead the team and train new team members, with a club headquarters based in Shanghai.

In the video, at 4 minutes, 820 speaks of EHOME, and at 5 minutes he brings up the possibility of returning to EHOME in the role of manager/coach. In his own words, “As for me, I am considering it, because in this way I can come back to help, and train the next wave of new players. Though I don’t even know where to find these new players yet, I am still seriously considering this, because I really have love for EHOME!”

From these words, it’s not hard to see that 820 indeed has seriously considered the possibility of coming back to EHOME as a manager/coach, to the point that he’s even thought about where to find new players. As someone who is not known for acting impulsively, the fact that he has said so much on the matter fully displays his love for the club, and this all shows that it is very possible that he will come back to EHOME in some way to help them rebuild.

357 and Dai leave EHOME for DK, KingJ leaves. LanM retiring? EH disbanding?

Update: KingJ has left EHOME officially as well:

Update 2: Officially confirmed by DK

357 and Dai join DK, LanM retiring?


Yesterday we reported that EHOME’s 357 and Dai had joined DK (related link here, translation below). After learning of this, a fan contacted EHOME’s LanM, and said that he couldn’t contact management at EHOME, and then revealed that he may retire:

hi, LanM. Is the news real?

Have I really been slapped in the face like this?

What news

357 and Dai both went to DK? 357 is already wearing DK tags.

Should be, not sure, I can’t contact anyone at EHOME

Then what are you gonna do, isn’t 357 screwing you over?

Might not play professional anymore

The statement of “cannot contact anyone at EHOME” is one that raises eyebrows. is EHOME really on the path to disbanding this time? During TI2 there were rumors of EHOME being sold off. Up till now, the club’s manager 71 and EHOME have yet to make any announcement, so we still need to observe the situation. Regardless, we hope that the big changes in the domestic Dota and Dota2 scene can come to a conclusion as soon as possible, and each player can find a home quickly and return to the battlefield to continue contributing exciting matches for us all!

LongDD and Zippo leave DK, replaced by Dai and 357 of EHOME


After TI2 and ACE Pro League concluded, the various teams of the Chinese Dota and Dota2 scene entered a period of rest and adjustments. The typical “there must be changes after big tournaments” expectation had everyone wondering what might come to happen and change during the period after last week’s Chinese National Day holidays.

Quite a few well known personalities made predictions and guesses, and there were many rumors and predictions involving formerly dominant team DK. And within this, there were rumors stating that 357 and Dai, who went through a big mess of drama last year to leave their team CLC to join EHOME for The International, are now intent on joining DK. In doing so, they would join forces once again with the so-called “Universe’s Number 1 Carry” BurNing; with Zippo and LongDD, who at one point helped DK to 9 championships in a period of greatness, to leave the team because of recent decline in form and performances.

Today it looks like these rumors have hit the mark — forumers have revealed that, in the Dota2 game client, it can be seen that 357’s profile shows he has put on the DK team tag. Even though Dai has yet to add the tag, it can be seen that 357 and BurNing, et al, had grouped up to matchmaking.

At the same time, it can be seen that DK’s team page only shows four players currently, respectively they are Burning, rOtk/xB, Super, and 357, with no LongDD or Zippo.

From this we can see, LongDD and Zippo have left DK, and the announcement that 357 and Dai have joined is only a matter of time.

Drama in Chinese Dota — commentator ‘Anderson’ of LGD and TI2 reknown implicated

Dotaland note: Yeah, slow news day, etc, etc. This is pretty much tabloid level journalism but it’s gotten some traction over the last few days on the Chinese internet so I thought I’d just translate some of it in case anyone else likes random drama. Take it with a grain of salt, of course. Anyway, I just translate what goes on in the Chinese scene. ALSO: this particular post is not an exact translation, more like a paraphrasing/summary of a few sources to try to streamline the explanations a bit.


Basically, Anderson (the same Anderson who was doing Chinese interviews at TI2) was caught selling large amounts of the TI2-specific Dota2 invites that were given out to people who bought their passes, the ones that came with an extra Dota2 item. Additionally, apparently he was also selling TI2 booklets (the free, small ones that listed the teams and had a mini bracket) for up to 100 RMB, or around 15 US dollars.

Update 9/25/12: According to Nyx_Jaywalker on reddit, the keys were given to him and were NOT used to sell, the ones Anderson is selling are different keys. Also according to Anderson himself, his Baidu account was stolen and evidence implicating himself in this drama was not sent by him but by the people who stole his account.

The drama comes from that fact that, because he had large amounts of both of these things to sell, it means that he (ab)used his position as an official commentator/interviewer at TI2 to get lots of these things that were given away for free, and then went on to sell them for his own profit. editors issued a statement asking for esports people to be more professional and fair in the way they do things, to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the industry, so as to not affect the healthy growth of the esports industry.

Additionally he has been accused of using these same things that he got in bulk amounts from TI2 to bribe moderators/admins of online forums into deleting anything negative about him. This was supposedly proven by the fact that, in a private message on Baidu Tieba, Anderson accidentally sent a message proving his own guilt to the wrong person. This person then posted about it and was banned, and finally the user gave out his account password for everyone to see the message themselves, which many people apparently did see as a result, successfully taking screenshots to confirm.

Anderson has strongly denied these accusations and currently his Taobao store where he was selling these items do not have them listed.