Dotaland weekly recap: Dec 4 — Dec 11, 2012

Tencent and their misinformation post most certainly brought about the biggest talking point of all posts on Dotaland in an otherwise quiet post-WCG week. Speaking of WCG, two post-WCG pieces are worth a minute: iG vs DK shouting match is a minute of “behind-the-scenes” during matchtime for these two teams, quirky, while the opinion piece reflecting on DK shows some insight into sentiments of DK after recent disappointments. Rounding off this week is a big treat for fans everywhere: the official English subtitled version of the G-1 Dota2 theme song featuring Chinese pros such as xiao8, BurNing, Zhou, and more — be sure to check that out!!

Dec 4

iG and DK compete outside of Dota… by shouting at each other


Playing at WCG, iG and DK were sat near each other at one point. They half-jokingly, half-competitively started shouting responses to each others’ commands to their own team… ChuaN gets in on the fun near the end too.

Dec 5

GEST competition saw LGD and go head to head for the first time took the spoils in the end, but not before LGD went on an exhausting 12 hour run of matches to meet them in the finals

Dec 5

Opinion piece: DK, the forlorn kings


A 17173 writer reflects on DK’s slide from grace after their nine first place finishes in 2011…

Dec 7 will be the only Chinese presence at The Asia this month in Kuala Lumpur


Can they take it all? Groups and schedule revealed

Dec 9

Tencent, owners of Riot Games and LoL, fire the first shot in Dota vs LoL flame war with incomprehensibly incorrect misinformation, a Chinese site, flames back point-by-point in this train-wreck of an opening battle in the rivalry between the generation’s biggest games

Dec 10

Dotaland brings official English subbed version of the G-1 Dota2 theme song


Entitled “My First Person View”, it is many Chinese pros singing about the trials, tribulations, and triumphs in their Dota lives

Dotaland weekly recap Nov 26 – Dec 3, 2012

In a week dominated by WCG 2012 World Finals in Kunshan, China, and news of the legendary ZSMJ’s confirmed return, it has been an eventful week. WCG makes TV news in China, ZSMJ’s new team details, interviews, and more. Check out all Dotaland posts from this past week below!

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Nov 26,

G-League qualifiers over, group stage groups revealed, vods

DK, LGD, and all in same group. Vods from prelim stages.

Nov 27

SGamer interviews manager of newcomers Vici Gaming

The former pro player turned manager talks about the new team, their setup, training, and more…

Nov 28

TongFu.Hao pre-WCG interview

Part of a few pre-WCG interviews translated here…

EHOME.71 retires, leaving all to wonder about EHOME

A few days late on this, seems to have gone under the radar. But things aren’t looking good for one of the oldest names in gaming…

Nov 29

Pre-WCG interview with DK.BurNing

Part of a few pre-WCG interviews translated here…

Pre-WCG interview with iG.430

Part of a few pre-WCG interviews translated here…


The man himself confirms that he is indeed back, and building a new team with sponsors!

Nov 30

This video has ChuaN and Dendi, at WCG

Cute little interview with ChuaN acting as a translator for Dendi at WCG…

Dec 1

Chisbug reveals a little more on ZSMJ’s new team…

Three confirmed members, LGD as sponsors?

178 interview with Dendi at WCG

Dendi’s impression of China and the people, and more…

WCG 2012 World Finals in Kunshan makes Chinese mainstream TV news

Yes it did, nightly news on a main channel too…

Dec 3

Mini video interview with ZSMJ at WCG translated with subtitles

See what the god himself looks and sounds like today…