SGamer interview with LongDD: I will grow old, but I will not leave

Oops, had this one backlogged. This is from May 15, a few days ago.


SGamer: Thank you to LongDD for doing this interview with Earlier in the afternoon, you had told me that you were at the airport; where are you now?
LongDD: I’ve now arrived at the LGD team house.

SGamer: When you first left LGD a few days back, was there any anger?
LongDD: There wasn’t much anger, but there was a reluctatnce — I didn’t want to leave the pro scene, I didn’t want to give up on Seattle.

SGamer: Was it that once you left the team, LGD would have to play in the TI3 qualifiers? Additionally, something many people are curious about — when LGD first announced you as an official member, was there any contract signed?
LongDD: Indeed, because of my leaving the team, they would have to play in the qualifiers. My return this time is to accompany them along the way, to contribute that which I am able to. Everything was very rushed before so there was never any contract.

SGamer: LGD had mentioned in their earlier announcement that they had made efforts to keep you around by offering you other positions with the team, but you had declined. Why did you decline at first, and then return?
LongDD: Because I’d been playing professionally five years now, and had grown tired of floating around. After being out and about so many years, I wanted to go home. My role this time as a coach will still be a short one, just for a few days.

SGamer: Who contacted you to invite you back as coach? Does this all mean that you will still be leaving LGD after TI3?
LongDD: Xiao8 contacted me, and I agreed. There wasn’t much of a reason behind it, and if I had to say, it would be the fact that we’re all friends. After helping them make preparations for the TI3 qualifiers I’ll be leaving, so about 6 or 7 days…

SGamer: Why not choose to stick around with LGD, at least until after TI3?
LongDD: I will not stay, because I feel weary in the heart.

SGamer: Every in LGD is a veteran of the scene, so what will you mainly be responsible for?
LongDD: I’ve just arrived back so I’m still not sure exactly what. I think it’ll be things like summarizing results and strategies, making suggestions for improvements on things I see in 3v3 scrims, bans and picks, etc.

SGamer: How do you rate LGD’s current form? In terms of individual players do you think LGD can go toe-to-toe with iG?
LongDD: I’ve always felt that LGD has exceptional players in their team. Their loss in the DSL to VG, I feel, is only down to a lack of preparation.

SGamer: What do you think is the most important element of a typical competitive game now? Bans/pick stage?
LongDD: Nowadays in professional matches, the bans/picks determines something like 60-70% of the outcome. The rest of it is down to lane setups and how each lane fares, as well as performance and team execution. The reason I say this is because player skill is very similar between top teams now.

SGamer: Compared to the old mode of three bans in the first ban phase, what does the change to two bans bring?
LongDD: It means that strategies are more varied. Bans/picks become more difficult to get right, and thus require more out of each team in order to achieve success. It requires teams to know how to play more different styles. So competitive games nowadays possess a higher degree of tactical thought.

SGamer: What do you feel LGD’s greatest weakness right now?
LongDD: Mainly it is that they lack a wider array of styles. They must understand this, and practice some more combinations, and work on their mentality.

SGamer: Mentality? Are you saying their mentality right now isn’t in a good place?
LongDD: I personally feel that they need to try more different things; they can’t only always run the same exact things. The new styles coming from many different teams are things that cannot simply be ignored.

SGamer: After leaving LGD, you began making vods and streams. Has this been enjoyable for you, or have you still been thinking about……
LongDD: Playing pro? The professional lifestyle is a brutally competitive one. Without the chance of a good team, I don’t want to strive for it any longer. Streaming is quite fun, I had been spending 16, 17 hours a day doing it — putting my life into it, haha.

SGamer: Will you continue streaming after helping LGD with the TI3 qualifiers?
LongDD: Yes.

SGamer: Under your tutelage, how do you think LGD will do at G-1?
LongDD: I think they should be champions.

SGamer: What is training like for LGD right now? Are they mainly scrimming with the Int squad or with other teams?
LongDD: Yeah, the typical day is scrimming with various teams. During my time here I will help arrange some laning and bans/picks practices.

SGamer: Which teams do you scrim more with?LongDD: All about the same, we contact all of them.

SGamer: Do you feel that LGD is able to challenge iG’s position at the top?
LongDD: I feel that there is a possibility, and the possibility is a big one.

SGamer: Lastly, why don’t you bring this interview to an end?
LongDD: Thank you to those friends who have supported me all along. I will eventually grow old, but I will not leave.

Perfect World and AMD announcement, xiao8’s round 2 on TV

Two events of interest will be coming on Friday, April 19 in Chinese time. Exciting!

On April 19, Perfect World and AMD will be headlining a major press publicity and announcement event. In this, the two companies will be revealing details of a strategic partnership in China, as well as further details on the eagerly awaited Chinese Dota 2 beta. Also of note, more details will be announced regarding the previously reported Perfect World Dota 2 league (rumored to be in tandem with the ACE League).

VIP guests invited include big-name commentators and other Dota people, teams iG and LGD, and the event will include a showmatch between the two powerhouse teams.



Also on April 19, xiao8 will appear again on the dating show in which he had previously appeared. The first time, he had failed to achieve his goal, though things were not final and he himself said on his weibo that it would be a “Best of 3!”. This time, he’s back, and he’s got a new attack plan, as he’s brought friends and is apparently cooking noodles on stage, as seen at 4:00 in this preview video.


G-1 Interviews Roundup: xiao8, Mushi, Faith, RSnake and LGD managers, and more!

Lots of interviews for G-1… check ’em all out at the G-1 portal. Previews and direct links below!

LGD.xiao8 talks about Group A

G-1 Phase 3 is set to begin on March 27, with the LGD derby between their int and cn squads leading off. In anticipation, we interviewed’s Director 8, xiao8, to learn more about how they’ve been doing lately!

Orange.Mushi: We hope to see you all in China!

The groups for Phase 3 of G-1 have begun. Malaysian powerhouse Orange has been grouped with three strong Chinese teams, and it remains to be seen whether Mushi can lead his team out of the surround. Let us see here what Mushi has to share with us all.

iG.Faith: Offline finals will be spectacular!

Powerhouse iG finally makes their appearance at Season 5 of the G-1 Champions League. We got an interview with iG support player Faith, who shared with us some of iG’s training and talked about his thoughts on this season’s G-1. Take a look below!

LGD.Pajkatt: G-1 is a lot of fun

Pajkatt talks about life in China, his role as carry, and more!

RSnake.JET: RattleSnake manager speaks

The manager sheds some light on this new team, composed of old veteran players.

LGD.Nic: LGD manager gives a glimpse into the world of LGD

In this interview with LGD’s Dota manager Nic (Chinese ID: Chaorenwa), he gives us an overview of the Int squad players, what they do in their spare time, how he got where he is today, and more. Read on below to take a step into the world of LGD!


LGD has a super fan…


Dotaland note: She’s a well-known model in China, half a million followers on weibo, yadayada… If you watched the Chinese G-League stream last night, there was a brief segment there where they only described her as a ‘fan’ of Dota’. Supposedly, she’s xiao8’s girlfriend — a common belief amongst Chinese fans. Some other people claim that she also used to be ZSMJ’s girlfriend. Would explain her love for LGD seen here (specifically,……



Continue reading wins The Asia 2012 — post-win interview with xiao8

Dotaland note: This was a joint interview by Sgamer and GGnet; GGnet has a translation up too but I feel that that translation doesn’t suit Dotaland, so I took a few minutes to translate it myself…


In the finals of The Asia in Malaysia, defeated MUFC 2-0 to take the title, thus avenging their earlier defeat to MUFC in group stages and taking home $15000

Afterwards, Sgamer and Gosugamers interviewed’s captain Ning “xiao8” Zhang, and director 8 expressed the feeling that there was extra pressure on them being the only Chinese team present. Their loss in the first match of the tournament to MUFC allowed them to cool down a bit and re-analyze their opponents and themselves, ultimately allowing them to get revenge in the finals. After winning they feel great; and in the interview he analyzed a bit on what happened in the finals matchup, explaining that Nyx Assassin is very fearsome in this patch, to the point of being a must-pick hero. Let us delve into the details below~

Q: xiao8, first of all congratulations to you and your team for taking The Asia championship. Thank you for accepting this join interview from SGamer and Gosugamers. Please introduce yourself first?

xiao8: Hello everyone, I am LGD.xiao8

Q: How do you feel right now?

xiao8: I feel awesome. Because we were the only team representing China here, there was some added pressure at first, but right now I just feel great~

Q: So, your finals opponent was MUFC, do you feel that MUFC is stronger with Hyhy?

xiao8: I feel that the addition of Hyhy increases MUFC’s competitiveness, but I felt that as we gradually became accustomed to their strategies in matches and analyzed them, we could defeat them.

Q: Your team only lost one match at this competition, that was precisely against MUFC in the first match of the tournament. When you learned you would be against them again in the finals, what were your thoughts?

xiao8: There weren’t too many specific thoughts, because after we first lost to them, we analyzed the reasons that caused us to lose. We discussed whether it was a strategic problem or individual problem, and in doing so we learned our lesson, so we were very calm.

Q: Your team in both games of the finals picked Nyx Assassin for your counter-push lineup, what were the reasons behind picking him for you?

xiao8: Nyx Assassin is a hot hero in this patch version. He can control the flow of the game, he has burst, and he can easily solo kill enemy squishies, so I feel that he is a must-pick hero in this version.

Q: In the first game, MUFC innovated a bit in their picks of Death Prophet and Necrolyte for a push strategy, yet failed to achieve much of a result. You guys controlled the match throughout. What are your views on this game?

xiao8: On paper, this looks like a very fearsome push strategy. But our heroes were simply stronger overall, plus when they began pushing we were able to disrupt their tactic, and thus the game continuously favored us.

Q: In the second game, MUFC picked Lifestealer along with Enchantress. In the first game, we discovered that MUFC favors fighting you guys 3v3, yet failed to find much success with this most of the time. However, in the second match they managed to gain the upper hand in early game, and the fighting became much fiercer, so what did you guys do to handle their counter aggression?

xiao8: We fell behind because Yao skilled the wrong ability in early game while going bottom lane, which led to us losing that lane. But our lineup was geared more towards countering theirs, specifically for countering Lifestealer, so gradually in mid-game we re-gained our standing. Additionally, Lifestealer isn’t really a great DPS hero.

Q: Lately, the Southeast Asian scene has just wrapped up the SMM 2012 competition, which meant many teams were training Dota, and not training much Dota2. How much preparation did LGD have for The Asia 2012?

xiao8: Indeed, we had been training all along for this competition.

Q: Many people believe that SEA teams are closing the gap with Chinese teams, what are your views on this?

xiao8: I feel that in terms of individual skill, the gap is not very big. But in terms of teams, the gap is still very large, because SEA and most foreign teams all lack the professionalism and communal training and analysis environments that Chinese teams have. So I believe that Chinese teams are still that much stronger.

Q: Christmas is just about here, and now that you’ve won, you have the best gift for yourselves. Before you head back to China, are you guys going to celebrate at all? Buy some gifts for family or girlfriends?

xiao8: We plan on buying some stuff, and then we’re going to invite MUFC to dinner, and we can celebrate together.

xiao8 interview with Sgamer: “Our recent losses came from fluctuations in the team … iG has no weakness”


SGamer: Thank you for this interview. Earlier there were reports saying you guys had moved your team headquarters from Tianjin to Hangzhou because you had switched sponsors?

xiao8: We haven’t changed sponsors, it’s just that internet in Southern China is a bit better. And also because we were forming our Int team, so having everyone together would make things easier to manage.

SG: LGD has always been seen as a favorite to win in any competition, yet you have lost in the finals of consecutive competitions recently, will there be any roster changes as a result?

xiao8: I don’t think so, lately the main reason behind our losses has been the fact that we’ve been making changes to positions within the team. After the ACE League, DD said he wanted to try playing the 3 position, but then after a bit of that he went back to his support role. Competition schedules have been very dense recently, and so we haven’t had much time to get used to the changes back and forth, and thus we haven’t found our team rhythm and as a result have been losing more.

SG: Were the original changes made to accommodate just whomever brought it up? Or were the changes a result of everyone feeling that they wanted some adjustments?

xiao8: It stemmed from individual requests for a position change and we all discussed it together. After all, if someone doesn’t want to play a certain position, they certainly aren’t going to be able to play it well.

SG: Because of the competitions you are now in, you guys probably don’t play much original DotA anymore, right? In your free time do you still go back to DotA and group up with friends to play some?

xiao8: Once in a while I’ll still go play solo or with a few friends on ladder.

SG: Regarding your newest teammates, how do you usually communicate with them?

xiao8: English!

SG: How come it seems like there’s quite a bit of pride in your tone of voice here… which of you has the best English?

xiao8: Right now, Yao’s English is best, although the club is already looking for tutors to help us with our English, so I think in the future the one with the best English skills will definitely be me!

SG: How do your two teams normally train?

xiao8: Pretty much whenever everyone’s here, we just train. And we just yell at each other, except sometimes no one knows what is being yelled. We usually play the “Cola Cup”, which is one Best of 3, whoever loses goes and buys two cases of Coca-cola …

SG: So your side wins pretty much 100% of the time, right?

xiao8: No, they’re quite good, in training we lose some and we win some.

SG: After TI2, IceFrog pushed through a large amount of changes in updates, do you feel that the updates in the last month have affected the pace of the game?

xiao8: I feel that right now, the fast tempo of games is just temporary, because an appropriate way to play this update version hasn’t been found yet.

SG: What are your thoughts on potential changes to the ban/pick phase?

xiao8: Don’t think it’ll really affect much, in the end everything depends on a team’s overall ability.

SG: Training with, have you been inspired in any way? It seems like current Chinese team strategies have all stagnated somewhat.

xiao8: A bit, but right now more of the focus in training has been on getting them acclimated to Chinese teams’ playing styles.

SG: What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of Chinese teams versus European/American teams?

xiao8: Strengths are we are more professional and more focused; weaknesses I’m not sure, maybe the fact that they have better mentalities, I feel that they perhaps find more enjoyment out of the game.

SG: What is your assessment of DK now that they’ve made their roster changes?

xiao8: Their lineup has grown a lot stronger, so it’s a stronger DK

SG: Why do you say so? Because a lot of people have been questioning 357 and Dai’s skill.

xiao8: Dai and 357 are excellent 4 and 5 position players, from technique and mechanics to teamwork and experience, they’re top tier.

SG: Currently iG is undoubtedly China’s strongest team, and also probably your biggest adversary, have you guys figured out any weaknesses of theirs?

xiao8: No. They don’t have any significant weaknesses, so you can only rely on the ban/pick phase or excellent in-game performance to beat them.

SG: Are you all currently making the adjustments to pick up your form for the upcoming G-League and G-1 League?

xiao8: We’re still adjusting right now, and whether our form is good can only be known after we actually play…

SG: Due to the original DotA still getting updates, the majority of players in China still stick to it. Yet most competitions have shifted to Dota2, and as a result in China we see an awkward situation where DotA has lots of players but no competitions, and Dota2 has lots of competitions but no players. Will this kind of a situation affect Dota2’s overall growth?

xiao8: Whether it’ll affect anything I’m not sure myself, but I feel that once Dota2 is open domestically, the players will gradually come.

SG: In the end, anything you’d like to say to bring a close to this interview?

xiao8: Thank you to our sponsors LaoGanDie Hot Sauce, Taobao, Razer, and to all the fans supporting us, thank you.

17173 interview with iG.Faith: “LGD was better in the past, G-1 offline matches will be even more intense, Dendi is very funny”


Dotaland note: 17173, organizers of the G-1 League currently ongoing, has this interview with iG.Faith. Good insight into iG and perspectives of things from a top tier pro.

In the G-1 League group stages, team iG has shown an enormous display of skill and ability in consecutive wins over MUFC and LGD. On this, we interviewed iG.Faith, and learned more about iG’s latest developments.

G-1: Hello Faith, thank you for doing this interview with G-1 Champions League. In yesterday’s key match against LGD, your team was able to take the win 2-0, which surprised some people. Can you comment on the match a bit?

iG.Faith: Both games revolved around a high pressure in-your-face team ganking strategy led by Bounty Hunter and Night Stalker. Yet in both games, the opponent lacked any kind of crowd control team fight ability, so they ended up losing fights over and over as they tried to defend their towers.

G-1: This match received extreme amounts of attention, so with iG being able to take the win so easily, what were your first reactions, and does this give you more confidence for your upcoming matches?

iG.Faith: Both games revolved around teamfighting so to pull it off successfully left us feeling very satisfied. Of course we will gain confidence from this, but we also will not underestimate any opponent.

G-1: Can you tell us why iG is so strong right now? Has the TI2 title really triggered a chemical reaction within the team? If you had lost in the Finals against NaVi, would your current mentality, confidence, and form be any different?

iG.Faith: I think we’re close-knit as a team, trust each other, and we are quite all-around. The TI2 title gives us motivation, as well as pressure to perform. If we had truly lost back then, we would still need to rely on our own ability to adjust ourselves and the team as a whole, because in the end we still believe that we are a talented team.

G-1: Can you evaluate the current LGD? It seems like xiao8’s position is shifting towards a support role. In your match with them yesterday, what do you think was different about them compared to in Seattle?

iG.Faith: I felt they weren’t as good as they used to be, perhaps because they’re changing roles. In comparison, it’s still LGD of the past that’s a bit stronger, in Seattle every match with them left us feeling drained.

G-1: Talk a bit about your thoughts on the new DK and TongFu rosters, or how do you view 357, Dai, longDD, Veronica (new TongFu member)?

iG.Faith: DK should need less time to learn to play with each other, after all 357 and Dai are veterans and will have a comparatively easier time blending into a new team. As for Veronica and longDD, what they’ll need to do first is find and confirm their role with their new team.

G-1: You guys will soon be participating in the WCG Dota competition, and afterwards there is the SMM Dota competition, so you continue to be busy on two fronts. What are your thoughts on future ACE and G-league competitions then?

iG.Faith: If we compete in Dota1 then we will practice Dota1, if we compete in Dota2 then we will practice in Dota2. I think in the future Dota2 will become the mainstream.

G-1: Apparently iG’s team headquarters has moved to Shanghai, can you reveal the specific reasoning for this? Compared to Beijing, how is the new environment, what is your favorite aspect, or what do you miss from Beijing?

iG.Faith: The main thing is that Shanghai’s internet service is better, so we decided to move to Shanghai. In terms of environment it’s also quite a bit better than Beijing. It’s still got to be the improved internet in Shanghai that satisfies me most though, this way we can practice better, and perform better in online competitions.

G-1: LGD has built an international team. If iG were to really create an, which international players would you recommend to your manager?

iG.Faith: This is something I’ve never thought about, we players are only responsible for playing Dota well, win championships; other issues are up to the club’s management to handle. Although in Seattle I gained a strong impression of Dendi, he is very lively and funny.

G-1: Apart from this iteration of the G-1 League maintaining its easygoing, fun, style, the actual competition has made big breakthroughs in terms of participants, format, and prize money. Which of these has given you the biggest impression?

iG.Faith: This time G-1 will have an offline portion, so in comparison to the past the matches will be even more intense.

G-1: There was an interesting sidenote from yesterday’s match with LGD, you guys failed to join the room 10 minutes early and as a result lost 20 seconds from your ban/pick timer, what is your opinion on this relatively strict ruling? If you have any other suggestions for the G-1 League, we will strive to improve.

iG.Faith: Don’t really have anything, I feel it’s all pretty good. At the time YYF was watching replays to analyze, and ended up forgetting the time for a while, the resulting punishment I feel isn’t inappropriate.

G-1: Thank you Faith for doing this interview with us, is there anything else you’d like to say to everyone?

iG.Faith: Thank you to the club for the nurturing you’ve given us, thank you to everyone for your support, in the future we will continue to do our best to bring exciting matches for all.

Interview with LGD.xiao8 post TI2


Short interview with xiao8, gives a bit of insight into LGD, etc.

Interviewer: Hello xiao8, thank you for doing this interview. LGD has a lot of fans, go ahead and say hi to everyone.

xiao8: Hello everyone, I am LGD team’s xiao8.

Interviewer: Lately you haven’t had much in terms of competition, is LGD as a whole on break? What have you been busy with?

xiao8: Yes, after ACE everyone’s been on break, probably all spending time with friends, girlfriends, and family.

Interviewer: TI2 has just ended recently, and after going undefeated in the group stages, LGD ended up losing to iG, and then shortly after that lost to iG again in the ACE finals. For LGD, this must have been quite sad, what kind of analysis or reflection did LGD do as a team afterwards?

xiao8: We failed to maintain our own form, so our execution ended up being worse than the other team.

Interviewer: What gave you the biggest impression in TI2, did you meet IceFrog, and was he as tall and handsome as legend has it?

xiao8: I did meet him, he is indeed pretty good looking

Interviewer: This time at TI2, matches were very clustered together in the loser’s bracket, resulting in many teams needing to play a lot of games each day, is this something you feel needs to change?

xiao8: The organizers must have their reasons for this arrangement, and I don’t feel changes are needed, though it certainly challenges the players.

Interviewer: Do you have any hopes for the next International, or anything to say to your opponents for next time?

xiao8: Do my best to play well, so there is no reason to feel regret.

Interviewer: According to rumor, G-league will be picking up Dota2 officially very soon, and it looks like there will be more and more Dota2 competitions coming up. Will you guys be focusing more on Dota2? Talk a bit about differences between Dota 1 and Dota 2.

xiao8: We’ll look at which version has more competitions here in China, and we’ll focus training on that. As for Dota2, it’s relatively easier to new players to learn. For professional players, it feels like it’s a game with faster pace.

Interviewer: Before, as a Three Kingdoms (a Dota-clone based on Chinese Three Kingdoms lore) player you had already achieved fame, then what was it that brought you to Dota and ultimately become a professional Dota player?

xiao8: Because originally there were some top Three Kingdoms players that switched to Dota, and got some good results, so I also wanted to give it a try and see if I could do it.

Interviewer: Since joining LGD, Sylar has made big strides forward, and now is ranked amongst the top three big carries alongside Zhou and Burning. What do you think are his relative strengths and weaknesses compared to the other two?

xiao8: In terms of strengths, he’s younger, and has very good mechanics. In terms of weakness, he needs to continue working on mentality.

Interviewer: After ZSMJ retired, how was it that you came across Sylar and ultimately invited him to join LGD?

xiao8: Back when ZSMJ retired, we were just about to recruit as well. Sylar also was interested in joining, so we eventually came to an agreement.

Interviewer: In LGD, who ladders the most on 11 (Dota1 matchmaking service)? Who has the most ladder points? What does LGD do for fun in their spare time?

xiao8: I can’t recall… everyone’s about the same… I have over 2300 points. Because of training, I often need to quit halfway through a ladder match… the points loss is hard. As for stuff in spare time, there’s KTV, gym, basketball, etc, a bit of everything…

Interviewer: What is your favorite hero in Dota, why?

xiao8: Sniper… he looks simple, but to play him well is quite hard.

Interviewer: From Three Kingdoms to Dota, xiao8 can be considered an old player, have you ever considered retirement?

xiao8: Not yet, at least until after next year’s International.

Interviewer: Has playing professionally brought added pressure from friends and family, do you get much time every year with family?

xiao8: There’s not much time with family, but they’re all very supportive of me, and will even watch some of my matches… though they don’t know what’s going on..

Interviewer: Who do you think is most good looking in LGD, who is the best solo player?

xiao8: This is really hard to say, we each have our own style… there’s all kinds (I’m the kind that tries to act cool). As for best solo, it’s whomever is playing solo more at the time, I think.

Interviewer: Apparently Captain 8 you already have a girlfriend, what kind of girl do you prefer?

xiao8: Yes, and I like girls a little chubbier!!!

Interviewer: Thank you to xiao8 for the interview. We hope LGD will continue posting good results. Do you have any words for your fans?

xiao8: Thank you for all the continued support for LGD, thank you to our sponsors LGD, Taobao, and Razer. We will work even harder to repay all of you.

Chinese site 17173 ranks the best players at TI2

Two large Chinese gaming sites, 17173 and SGamer, have put up summaries of Chinese fan analysis of the top players in their respective positions at The International 2. This is the 17173 version, I skipped a bit in the middle where it was joke rankings for random stuff. Sgamer’s version is very different and will be coming later.

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