GEST Dota features both and

Just a quick update… LGD and both play today in the GEST Dota competition, hosted by our friends at Dotatalk… is up first (live now) against Orange, will go against MUFC later in the day.

English stream at — Chinese stream at

iG vs DK shouting match at WCG… ChuaN cameo


In this short video, a rare direct glimpse into the sight and sounds of top teams as they compete, we see iG and DK playing at WCG 2012… then they get into a shouting match of sorts. They’re shouting commands to their respective teammates at first, then their shouts become more targeted towards what the other team is shouting. And then in the last bit, ChuaN, who is not playing for iG at WCG, gives his voice in support of iG. All in a sort of joking manner from both sides, but very intense still, and it shows the rivalry. I think I lost 3 pounds just from watching that.

Dotaland weekly recap Nov 26 – Dec 3, 2012

In a week dominated by WCG 2012 World Finals in Kunshan, China, and news of the legendary ZSMJ’s confirmed return, it has been an eventful week. WCG makes TV news in China, ZSMJ’s new team details, interviews, and more. Check out all Dotaland posts from this past week below!

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Nov 26,

G-League qualifiers over, group stage groups revealed, vods

DK, LGD, and all in same group. Vods from prelim stages.

Nov 27

SGamer interviews manager of newcomers Vici Gaming

The former pro player turned manager talks about the new team, their setup, training, and more…

Nov 28

TongFu.Hao pre-WCG interview

Part of a few pre-WCG interviews translated here…

EHOME.71 retires, leaving all to wonder about EHOME

A few days late on this, seems to have gone under the radar. But things aren’t looking good for one of the oldest names in gaming…

Nov 29

Pre-WCG interview with DK.BurNing

Part of a few pre-WCG interviews translated here…

Pre-WCG interview with iG.430

Part of a few pre-WCG interviews translated here…


The man himself confirms that he is indeed back, and building a new team with sponsors!

Nov 30

This video has ChuaN and Dendi, at WCG

Cute little interview with ChuaN acting as a translator for Dendi at WCG…

Dec 1

Chisbug reveals a little more on ZSMJ’s new team…

Three confirmed members, LGD as sponsors?

178 interview with Dendi at WCG

Dendi’s impression of China and the people, and more…

WCG 2012 World Finals in Kunshan makes Chinese mainstream TV news

Yes it did, nightly news on a main channel too…

Dec 3

Mini video interview with ZSMJ at WCG translated with subtitles

See what the god himself looks and sounds like today…

WCG 2012 World Finals in Kunshan makes Chinese mainstream TV news


Short clip, introduces the event and its purpose, notes that WCG promotes ‘healthy online gaming’, and then gives a little background on Chinese performance this year and last year. Main point here is that this was on CCTV-1, the main channel of CCTV, which is China’s official media entity. It was also broadcast during the nightly news, so pretty big influence.

178 interview with Dendi at WCG


Q: Hello Dendi, thank you for accepting 178’s interview. This is your first time visiting Kunshan right? What first impressions do you have of this city?

Dendi: Hello. To be honest, I don’t yet have much of an impression, because I came here directly after getting off the plane.

Q: Then how do you feel about the atmosphere of the event here?

Dendi: Very nice, although it feels like there are relatively few people. But Chinese viewers are very passionate.

Q: Previously we heard that the Ukrainian team’s travel visas encountered some issues, can you explain what happened?

Dendi: Ok, because we were coming directly after playing at Dreamhack, schedules were very cramped, so at the airport when we spoke with the customs officer we were told that our visas had problems. After hearing that, we begged them and asked them in every way, and finally the second day they allowed us to go.

Q: Has this mishap affected you guys at all, are you tired at all? Does it affect your form?

Dendi: No, not at all. Conversely, we actually got quite a bit of rest time during the day that we spent waiting, we passed it quite luxuriously, so there aren’t any problems.

Q: The Ukrainian team this time is pieced together with players from different teams, how do you feel about the team’s ability level? How is your teamwork coming along, did you engage in any special training for WCG?

Dendi: These players and I go back quite far, and players like goblin are long-time veterans, lots of experience, so their ability is absolutely solid. The only thing we lack is team understanding, because time has been quite tight so we never had any previous practice. We’ll have to learn as we compete; let’s see if there will be good results.

Q: Actually, you have practiced! Just now at the Dota2 expo booth here, weren’t you guys grouped up in a match?

Dendi: Haha, that was just for fun.

Q: Then tell us about your Void just now… why did you build Arcane boots and two Blades of Attack?

Dendi: Playing pubs is just for fun, so I built whatever I felt like building, plus Void does really have mana problems!!

Q: In your latest match in WCG, your team easily defeated a Mongolian team, talk a bit about that match.

Dendi: It was alright, but the internet at the live event really is horrid. The screen was stuttering back and forth, this really affects our performance.

Q: In your group, there are two other powerhouses in Orange and DK, do you think you have a good chance at advancing from the group?

Dendi: I can’t really say, we can only try our best, and beat at least one of DK or Orange.

Q: At this WCG, which team do you think will take the title?

Dendi: DK or iG I think, Orange has a chance too. Of course we are good as well *laughs*

Q: Is this your first time participating in a WCG World Finals? What are your thoughts on Dota2’s first appearance as an official competition?

Dendi: I’m very excited, after all WCG is an old-school big name competition. As for Dota2 being added in, I can only say one thing: it’s cool!!!

Q: Next up we’re gonna head into gossip hour. Your style and personality has won quite a bit of fame and following, and a lot of Chinese girls like you a lot, did you know this?

Dendi: Haha, I didn’t know

Q: Well then, do you like China’s girls? Any considerations of finding yourself a Chinese girlfriend?

Dendi: It’s possible, Chinese girls are quite nice, for example there are many hotties right here at this venue, haha.

Q: Alright, I can only say I wish you good luck then. Thank you Dendi for the interview, we hope you will bring us more exciting play.

Dendi: Thank you. Nihao, wo ai ni (spoken in Chinese by Dendi here, means Hello, I love you)

Chisbug reveals a little more on ZSMJ’s new team… three confirmed members, sponsored by LGD as well?


Q: Hello, CH! Long time no see!

CH: Indeed, it truly has been quite a while.

Q: As ChuaN-god’s replacement for iG here at WCG, how do you feel?

CH: I think quite honored, after large-scale competitions like WCG aren’t many, and I’ve really been hungry for a return to the battlefield, to enjoy the rush brought about by competing.

Q: Yesterday, ZSMJ confirmed at the Perfect World Dota2 expo booth that he was returning to competitive Dota, can you talk about how your new team’s creation is coming along?

CH: Indeed, ZSMJ first contacted, and I was very glad to help him. Our goals are the same. Right now the team only has three players, [in addition to myself and ZSMJ], the other player currently is a Zhensan (Dotaland note: Zhensan is a Warcraft 3 mod similar to Dota, using Romance of the Three Kingdoms lore) player named Show. We’re currently searching for the other two players. The hope is to complete the team by the end of the year.

Q: Have you found sponsors for the new team?

CH: The team’s sponsor situation is exceptionally stable, the base will be in Tianjin. Currently the team name also has LGD in it, it will take the format of LGD.XXX (the specific details beyond this cannot be revealed yet)

Q: Speaking of, thinking back to originally when iG’s new roster excluded your name, what was the feeling like?

CH: To be honest, really sad and disappointed. The only thing I could do while sitting at home with nothing to do was to play a few pubs, at that time the ladder system had just debuted, I remember I was ranked top 10 or so.

Q: Well, we wish for you to continue your efforts and good luck in your career!

CH: Thank you, this is why I’ve come back!